The Big Baby Kenny Disaster: Oh, the humanity!

The Precipice of Disaster

One of the more interesting aspects of blogging, and the ways in which it has altered the digital landscape, is they more or less require constant refreshment. A morbidly dying blog needs dramatic resuscitation in the event of its immenent collapse. It will shed readers fast if it is not constantly refreshed. That the more popular Thai nightlife blogs ignore the refreshment rate necessary to preserve and multiply readership is strange: Stickman refreshes his paid advertisement (weekly blog) every Sunday, William R. Morledge and Dean Barrett refresh once a month preferring the colours pink and purple, and assorted “old media” types are even less frequent. What is clear is that those who do update regularly (Big Dummy KennyMobithailand, Big Mango Bar blog, and Bangkok Buddy) typically see sustained growth in numbers because they are satisfying market demand. In fact, BDK’s site has surpassed BBK in numbers and has essentially shifted the playing field in its favor. BBK’s neglect has cost him readers and, in the long run, has turned his site into a virtual wall of graffiti: not unlike the walls of a shitter in a public men’s room. Perhaps this is the effect the professor is looking for? For a good time, call…

It has been clear for some time now that the BBK blog has been abandoned to all but a few lonely, schizophrenic and probably homeless men posting commentary from a public library somewhere. A high limit poker room? Hardly. More like an uncomfortable teacher’s lounge at a large, mediocre state university, where tense, resentful smiles are exchanged in lieu of pleasantries. 

In reviewing the blogs this week, sadly Mobithailand is also lamenting a precipitous drop in readership, including his own personal friends. It turns out that living a sober life in Pattaya is not all that inherently interesting. Poor Mobi  has resorted to posting pictures of his well-groomed pets. At any rate, Saphan Loy is still a loyal reader, even if his other readers would like him to go on a binge and drunkenly careen his car into a poorly-constructed bamboo beer bar at four in the morning.

Sukhumit Psycho is now peddling a guide to massage parlours in Bangkok (in addition to something he calls “premium content.” ) Saphan Loy did not realise that having one’s testicles rubbed with coconut oil is such an obstacle for some sex tourists, but apparently it is. We would like to get our hands on a review copy, obviously, but for moral reasons, we are unwilling to pay a single baht and thus subsidise such “market research.” If you have a copy you’d like to share for review, please contact us. But let’s wish him the best of luck…there are masseuses all throughout Thailand who are relying on a steady stream of eager and aroused customers who are unable to articulate in Thai (or their own language, or sign language, for that matter) that they would like the genital region included in the cost of the “traditional” oil massage. And that they are unwilling or unable to pay more than twenty dollars.

The View from Above


2 Responses to “The Big Baby Kenny Disaster: Oh, the humanity!”

  1. Bangkok Buddy has a consistent daily refreshment rate.

  2. Hello Saphan Loy,

    Regular reader, first time caller 😉

    I actually found your site thanks to our friend Kenny. That is what has been so frustrating about the guy, he has these moments of brilliance but just can’t help excreting where eats. I post regularly at BDK (I owe Part 2 of my last visit…coming soon, I promise!) and started doing so because I just couldn’t believe Kenny’s “piss into the wind” attitude – which he maintains to this day, despite the obvious disastrous results.

    I enjoy the blogs and posts and the humorous banter that is present on some blogs (and hoping I can help start some here for you, you deserve it – I very much enjoy your blog). I admit, it is my inner 13 year old coming out that can’t believe his luck that an incredibly delicious young woman “let me touch her boobies!” among other things. 😉 Is it immature? Most assuredly. Is it extremely enjoyable? Absolutely. I believe that if we men were truly honest with ourselves we would all come to the conclusion that we would want to live the “Rock Star” lifestyle. And this is the closest most of us will get: beautiful girls fawning over us, being able to pickup the check for all and keeping the party going with no real worry about the cost (at least for those there for only shorter holiday stints), buying gifts for our latest sweetie(s) and being properly rewarded. In short, being The Man, if only for a little while.

    But I digress, the point is the blogs are where those of us that have been initiated into “Man Heaven,” as I call it, can consort with one another and share our libidinous and somewhat immature exploits that would be greatly frowned upon by our contemporaries (all the while the men I know stare enviously).

    In my view, better to have this than nothing. And this from a guy that keeps himself in good shape and is regularly called charming and attractive by females in the West, just not by 22 year old females.

    I’ve rambled enough. Please continue the enjoyable writing.

    Best regards,

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