Shanghai’ed: Big Bisexual Kenny Plugs the Ladyboys

BBK has joined Stickman in exhibiting his clearly bisexual preference for Thailand’s notorious ladyboys. Interrupting a long sabbatical, BBK has returned to his dubious blog in order to share with us some of his culturally sensitive and academic photography: a young ladyboy dancing provocatively on the top of some kind of vehicle. A closer inspection of the young ladyboy shows that his feet are a dead give-away. They are large and malformed (with a crude little ink stain on the ankle for a tattoo). It is also clear that there are some obvious kathoeys who are enthusiastically watching and recording this heartbreaking display of poverty.

The good professor has no qualms about supporting two industries here: the ladyboy industry that sends feminine young men to the chop shops in Bangkok every day, and amateurish and possibly impromptu sex work in the fields of some agrarian ghost town. That the professor is Asian (and able to pass as a local) clearly afforded him a place at the front of the crowd, while he snapped some poorly floodlit pictures for our enjoyment. Ahh…Spring Break, Southeast Asian style.

Alcohol and sex enhancement drugs clearly affect perception. This is a common motif among the nightlife blogs lately. Not only are the authors attempting to fob off ladyboys as actual women, but they are also clearly deluded and seduced by their ubiquity in Thailand. Could it be that the entire nightlife blogosphere has now been penetrated by ladyboys? Given BBK’s homophobic rhetoric and extremist sympathies, this is an unusual move for the good professor.

Not content to exploit Thailand’s working poor, the economics professor also takes the opportunity to attack China in a bizarre fashion. His flimsy regurgitation of an uninteresting article is an enfeebled attempt to point out differences in sexual mores among Asian cultures. It is as if to say: My academic photographs of Asian whores are reflective of all populations in Asia, including the Chinese. Hell, they are all whores.

At any rate, weary reader, you have been warned. With the bisexual conversion of the Stickman to the beguiling charms of ladyboys, and now the bisexual truth about BBK, is there a writer among us immune to their persuasian? The Asian persuasian?

The View from Above


6 Responses to “Shanghai’ed: Big Bisexual Kenny Plugs the Ladyboys”

  1. Hidden Agenda Says:

    Interesting. A few of the Chinese characters are “Ng”. What gives?

    • Good eye. Yes, since Saphan Loy is being picked up by Chinese language search engines, we thought that our Chinese readership might be interested in the incoherent ramblings of one of their own, so to speak. That a Chinese American is aiding and abetting an industry dominated by Chinese Thais is one of the most ironic displays of synergistic Chinese vice on the Internet. That the Chinese may achieve the thinnest kind of social properiety in diasporic communities (professor at medicore university in the US) and still participate in gray economies (and illegal transnational industries) is not lost on us.

    • PS. Did you also see the Chinese characters for “ladyboy”?

  2. William Markson Says:

    What a boring site, what a boring commentator. I love Kenny, he’snot boring like “William Mahanakorn” (he who hides his real name)

  3. Rueben Ribeiro Says:

    Madeira is obsessed with Bi-sexuals, ladyboys and Homosexuals as you all probably noticed – Obviously poor the little Isaan broads cant satisfy Madeira dying to come out but hangs around for the crumbs from his social security cheques.

    • Your homophobia is becoming a bore, Madeira. Maybe Thailand has put the zap on what’s left of your brain? You should be more tolerant, especially since many of your so-called friends have reported to me that you prefer the company of the third gender.

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