Bye Bi Kenny: The End of An Affair

Saphan Loy has decided that ultimately the BBK website is over and we will no longer expend efforts in attempting to uphold anything that resembles a vigilant critique of that site. The specious content posted there is no longer “about Thailand”. The fat man has sung, so to speak. As the self-authored commentary spools out like the tail-end of a bad 16 mm pornographic film projected onto the wall in some squalid suburban basement in California, flapping wildly against the reel of the projector, so too has it become all the more clearer that that site is done.

Stick a fork in it.

While we have not posted a comment there in months, not only does the site continue to violate US copyright protections by reproducing Saphan Loy’s protected intellectual property, but its flagrant violation of other federal privacy protections, Thai domestic laws governing indecency and pornography, as well as his thinly-veiled attacks on the royalty all constitute an extraordinary break with reason and with good conscience. Plus, it is all presented in the singular voice of a cornered man, someone for whom the bounds of common public discourse no longer hold much meaning. In his desperation to prove a point to his academic community, the students and the tax-payers of California, he has revealed that he will stop at nothing, including publishing photographs of “license plates” of innocent people he suspects of “being John Galt.” If this does not sound alarm bells among the mental health professionals in California, I suppose nothing will.

Saphan Loy believes that part of the end (at least for this reader) was the result of a closer inspection of the so-called “photography” of the site. His ladyboy feature on the “Slut of Shanghai” shows one photograph (the crotch shot) where the viewer not only sees that the ladyboy is wearing some kind of support garment to conceal his testicles, but that also there is a poor Thai father holding a small child in the background witnessing the spectacle. That an American professor thinks nothing of this kind of display of rural poverty and degradation, and feels free enough to publish such unspeakable indecency, speaks volumes to the kind of person behind the BBK site.

When BBK was outed by the mainstream media one year ago in the United States, he had the wonderful opportunity to simply say “no comment”, to remove the offensive material from public consumption, and to dedicate the past year to repairing his reputation and smoothing the ruffled feathers of his colleagues. Instead, he submitted to interviews and wrote poorly-crafted “defenses” of something that is really indefensible. His ego, blinded by the glare of the media lights and the vague promise of potential Internet stardom, for such a brief moment was nourished in a way that his spotty academic record could never do (along with the wet dreams of Nobel-worthy economic theories). That he chose to do this is a sad testament to one man’s damaged capacity for reasonable, rational (self-interested) behaviour.

We wish him (and the cast of characters he created to advance his racist, sexist, and psychologically wounded rhetoric) all the luck in the world.

The View from Above


2 Responses to “Bye Bi Kenny: The End of An Affair”

  1. Oddly enough, your bi-line nearly mirrors our plans for the near future, over at BigDummy-(soon to be sans)-Kenny, as we plan to separate ourselves, in name and direction, from Kenny, including no longer making any reference to the Disgraced CSUN Economics Professor.

  2. […] drugs and shit. Okay, yeah, ha ha. And everytime the Asian guy, Kenny Chow, comes on, I think of Big Baby Kenny Ng. And, he sounds and talks exactly like Jar Jar Binks, hey, I love that guy, even though Star Wars […]

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