Buying a Brothel, Legal Recourse and Big Baby Kenny Ng

First, a word of caution to Professor Kenneth Ng, who continues to violate copyright protections by blatantly stealing proprietary content. Here, in its entirety and unedited, is a fabrication that Professor Ng has published on his dubious blog and has libelously accredited to Saphan Loy:

The “bar” business is prostitution clear and simple. Any claim there is any reason men spend money in lower sukhumvit bars except to conduct business with prostitutes is blowing a smoke screen. Own a lower sukhumvit bar that has girls on staff and you are smack dab in the middle of the biggest whore and brothel industry in Asia.

Hypocrites bar owners that claim they are not taking advantage of impoverished young girls are lying clear and simple. Money goes directly into their pocket everytime a girl goes home with a customer for sex and money goes indirectly into their pocket everytime a girl drink is bought and the John buys a drink for himself.

The class of individual the ownership in the brothel business atrracts, and, surely The Big Mango fits the brothel definition, are what you would expect of individuals who choose to make their living as middlemen for young girls forced by their poverty to sell their bodies. These are the lowest scum of humanity. A bank robber has a greater claim to the moral high ground than a Sukhumivit bar owner for they are only taking peoples money not their self respect and human dignity.

Sunbelt Asia should also be called out for aiding and abetting these businesses by allowing them to adveritse on their site and for making a commisiion of their sale.

Decent people, like myself, should refuse to have anything do with them professionally, financially, or personally.

I do.

Before I impart Saphan Loy’s wisdom on what Professor Ng is attempting to do with regard to the Big Mango Bar, a bit of legal clarification (at the advice of my team of salivating lawyers). First, there are changes in the legal environment in the United States (which has the legislative and Constitutional authority to uphold protections for writers of all backgrounds) that will allow much simpler methods for beginning the process of litigation against Internet frauds like Professor Ng. Anonymously. The reason that our team of well-heeled lawyers is salivating is that, by extension, the entire university system of California (hence the State of California) may soon find itself on the hook for Professor Ng’s nefarious campaign.

To wit, the blogger (in this case, Professor Ng) is now effectively responsible for all posted commentary due to amendments in the shape of the current law. (Our team of lawyers likes to giggle when they say this.) In the most basic terms for the layman, it means that Saphan Loy in the near future may file a lawsuit anonymously against Professor Ng, the California State University at Northridge, and (by extension) the State of California. While it is difficult to tabulate total damages that we will seek, the upshot is that a payday is clearly forthcoming. My team of lawyers will have little difficulty in proving, by way of the functionality of WordPress, that Professor Ng’s ridiculous methods of plagiarism are illegal.

Secondly, deciding what to do with the windfall will prove difficult. Invest in a bar? There are only two reasons to invest in a bar/brothel. The investment itself is just an adolescent fantasy akin to the idea of “buying a casino”. Any institutional investor knows that one should never make an investment for “emotional reasons.” The only rational reason to purchase a bar/brothel, therefore, not only in Bangkok, but anywhere in the world for that matter, would be to offset profits or capital gains from other sources of investment income in order to claim allowable tax deductions (thus calculated as business loss) against other, more lucrative investments. Perhaps the owners of the Big Mango Bar have already done just that. The only secondary reason for investing in a bar in Bangkok (assuming that the conditions of the first rational reason are met) is that you are alcoholic, in which case purchasing beer from yourself at inflated prices (and claiming the loss against other investment income) illustrates very good business acumen. It is always nicer to let other investors, shareholders, friends, lovers, silent partners (or the semi-retarded sex tourists who arrive by the plane-load) pay for (or subsidise) your bar tabs.

At any rate, Professor Ng’s campaign against the sale of the Big Mango Bar (if it is even, in fact, for sale, which hasn’t been established as a fact) would be utterly illegal in the United States. By interfering in free market dynamics, Professor Ng is exhibiting his Chinese ethnic proclivities. The Chinese are notorious scofflaws and vice-peddlers when not yoked to a powerful and nominally Communist system. The reason that China has been thriving as an economic powerhouse is that it is tightly controlled by a severe taskmaster of a government. It is precisely what the Chinese people need. Otherwise left to their own devices, prostitution, opium, gambling, and pornography would likely corrupt the entire society in short time, and arrest any hope for an enlightened progress founded on capitalism. The second reason the Chinese are so “successful” is that whatever they cannot produce industrially, i.e., intellectual capital, computer technology, etc, they simply steal through corporate espionage.

So what are Professor Ng’s objectives in fabricating Saphan Loy’s viewpoint regarding the sale of bars in Bangkok? First, the old man has been pounding away at his university-supplied computer terminal for an entire year about the Big Mango Bar and he is increasingly frustrated by what he cannot achieve under his own name or through legal recourse. There are obvious pressures he is facing from the university’s Board of Regents, and California itself is essentially bankrupt. He is incapable of thinking about anything else, but he takes the time from his busy teaching schedule to draft literally hundreds if not thousands of obscene comments hoping to strike a nerve somewhere, somehow. To maintain tenure, isn’t it important to actually publish something other than a blog? His modus operandi has already been outlined by others, and it is pretty sophomoric and uniquely Chinese in its application. Note how he lured John Galt to the site with a somewhat retarded “tribute”, then subjected him to the same treatment by then falsifying his writing.  

Secondly, unsatisfied with his assaults on the Big Mango, he seeks to drag in Sunbelt Asia, a business brokerage, to which we say to him, good luck, Professor. While Saphan Loy has been critical of Professor Ng and other writers who seek profit from the bar industry, we are not, after all, socialist. Contrary to Professor Ng’s casuistry, Saphan Loy is agnostic to the motivations of bars, brothels, casinos and the like. And taking a stand against industrial reality, i.e., the ubiquity of the nightlife industry around the world, is like throwing a pebble at a warship.

Finally, in all his froth about the Big Mango Bar, hasn’t anyone noticed that the photograph of the girl with arms raised in apparent victory that Professor Ng published is actually quite young looking? Has she signed a model release in the United States? Is she even 18 and can therefore legally consent to the reproduction of her image? Does she have legal recourse against the State of California as well? (My salivating lawyers want answers to these questions.)

Saphan Loy will keep its readership abreast of our legal efforts. In the meantime, let’s hope that Professor Ng had a nice spring break. And should he attempt to recreate Saphan Loy’s protected content in future, he should at least subscribe to the rules of grammar and capitalization. At the very least, perform a spell-check.

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5 Responses to “Buying a Brothel, Legal Recourse and Big Baby Kenny Ng”

  1. Putting aside the legal ramifications of underage, non-consensual photography, California has introduced a law outlawing electronic impersonations (such as the ones that Associate Prof. Ng engages in), which paired with the law holding the website owner responsible for content posted on his website, provides for a rather sticky and inconvenient turn of events for Herr Ng, and the California State University system – SB1411.

    Here’s a rather in-depth article that explains how painful this law could turn out for Kenny, and particularly the CSUN system, if complicity can be proven:

    The only escape would be claiming ‘political satire & parody”, neither of which Ng can claim w/regards to his various impersonations.

    Relevant: : “There has to be intent to harm, intimidate, threaten, or defraud another person – not necessarily the person you are impersonating.”

    All that the Mango owners need to do, including all those who seek similar redress from Kenny, is to file a combined lawsuit in a California court – I’m sure that since the CSUN system would be included, there would be no shortage of lawyers, though in fact this case could even be brought to the California Attorney General for pursuit under SB 1411.

  2. Additionally, contact me, should you be interested in a rather lengthy piece demonstrating how Big Baby Kenny Ng is using CSUN resources, and how that connection can be clearly established.

    I’m also ready to fire off another mail to CSUN provost and staff about this issue, since Kenny has now lumbered directly into what constitutes plain criminal activity.

  3. I can confirm that the Big Mango Bar IS NOT on the market. – with Sunbelt Asia or any other agencies.

    The advert that BBK quotes is of a 4 storey building that has been doing business since 2000.

    Anyone that has been to the Mango will know it has 5 floors and opened in 2008.

    Kenny knows this.

    • Even if you go back to the Bar in Nana, that only takes it back to 2005 – any earlier, you guys have a time machine.

      As you stated, Kenny knows that, and is deliberately and maliciously intending to cause harm to you and your business – both via his libelous statements, and subsequently via his impersonations and condoning of others’ impersonations.

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