Dean Barrett Gets Busy

This week marks the departure from the blogosphere of the unofficial scribbler of Bangkok’s brothels, Dean Barrett. A mere 10 weeks following his celebratory interview on Stickmanbangkok (the effect of which was probably a triplication of his carnivalesque website’s traffic count), the old man is calling it quits on his monthly updates. In his most recent post, the reason, he says, is that he needs more time to “do research” on the follow-up to his potboiler “Hangman (What’s the) Point”.

Research? Is that what he calls it?

At any rate, we wish him well. Since the Stickman interview, Barrett has been belly-aching about the rising costs associated with the extra bandwidth required to host his site (as a direct result of an increase in traffic.) Let me see if Saphan Loy has this correct: Barrett, a self-published writer, is no longer going to write for a growing Internet-based readership who are attracted to his site looking for lurid accounts of Thai bondage and sex play that feature him being bull-whipped by an Asian Dominatrix, or grisly photos of dead Muslims, and, instead is going to try to continue down the moribund route of traditional publishing by conducting “research” on a book nobody will read? Could someone please alert Mr. Barrett to the fact that he is in the 21st century, and that the profit margins on an electronic version of a “book” are next to nothing? In addition, bloggers who write for free (i.e., Saphan Loy) will continue to erode the long-term market demand for the kind of drek that Barrett plans to commit to print, thus burdening some small, third-world vanity press with a frivolous and unprofitable print run. His books, and others that exhibit the same sloppy writing standards and poorly plotted train wrecks, are fated to turn up in used and remaindered book stores as depressive evidence of what can happen when a delusion of desirability (facilitated by Thai prostitutes whose nearly constant refrain of “hello, handsome man” is anything but literary) and the illusion of comprehensibility translate into some ill-conceived hokum story involving the red light districts, a lame and imbecilic detective, a gun, and a bar girl.  Let’s hope that his planned travels to Hong Kong and London produce something refreshing: like a vague possibility of a coherent and imaginative idea for once.

We will, quite obviously, miss Barrett’s inane perspective on the red light districts of Southeast Asia. Like a buffoonish scarecrow who bounces from bar to bar, blinded by the neon and imprisoned by a miserable addiction that is self-reflexively protected by a sham of a moral rationalisation, Barrett will more than likely haunt the red light districts of Bangkok, Hong Kong, and wherever else he may find an empty bar stool in some cesspool of degeneracy, like a bleak and unreflective purgatorial waiting room (only with appalling music, dim lighting, bad beer and sclerotic dancing, and no magazines), well into his dotage. It sure beats playing a round of golf, enjoying a cigar, and tracking one’s retirement account. We suppose.

"In any case, he faces a life of loneliness and despair." -- Dean Barrett


"My suggestion was to dress nicely, politely approach women who were leaving the shrine after asking the shrine’s god for relationship relief, introduce themselves, strike up a conversation and ask them to share a cup of coffee at the nearby mall." Big Baby Kenny Ng


"Nana (Plaza) is dying a slow, and frankly painful death." Stickman Bangkok

The View from Above


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  1. It’s funny ‘coz it’s true!

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