A Touch of Evil: The Bangkok Buddy’s Impoverished Worldview

In his latest entry, the Bangkok Buddy, who writes about his years of sustained exposure to the red-light districts of Bangkok, has his proverbial knickers in a knot. In part as an experiment, and as a way of goading him out of his morose and hermetic existence in which the only pleasure he experiences is presumably the result of meeting and engaging in semi-moronic conversations with like-minded whore mongers and alcoholics in depressing dive bars and brothels, Saphan Loy recently commented on his hawk-eyed observation of Big Baby Kenny Ng in Bangkok’s brothel district. Since Bangkok Buddy can spot Big Baby Kenny Ng a mile away, and since Bangkok Buddy spends all of his time (if not his cash) in the brothel district, we extended an offer to him (or his readers) of cash, in US dollars payable via PayPal or Western Union, for photographs of Big Baby Kenny Ng enjoying his sordid summer vacation.

Bangkok Buddy, who already “broke the news” of Big Baby Kenny Ng’s presence in Bangkok, recoiled at the offer like an aging, non-capitalist hippy might, exhibiting all of the child-like confusion and despair that one would expect of someone with an enfeebled sense of right and wrong. Let’s face it. He, of all the writers of the Bangkok scene, can certainly use some US dollars that may afford him many more cans of tomatoes, a few more obligatory soda waters at a “free” buffet, or whatever other provisions he needs to extend his self-imposed third world poverty by a few more months.

That said, Bangkok Buddy’s reaction to our offer was to label it “evil.” This is an interesting reaction. Celebrities around the world (and judging from his treatment of his sighting of Big Baby Kenny Ng, the professor can now comfortably include himself among their ranks as well) are the objects of fascination and reverence. They are quasi-mystical, and therefore their images command premium prices on the open market. Who doesn’t want to see a picture of Angelina Jolie picking her nose, or lolling on some overpriced beach somewhere reading a shitty novel, or assiduously ignoring Brad Pitt while fantasizing about the pool attendant? In the same way, because of Professor Ng’s status as the premiere nightlife blogger of Thailand’s red-light districts, an image of him enjoying the fruits of his labour (subsidised by the State of California) in some hell hole in Bangkok would engender both the same interest on a public level, and, at the very least, a more modest price in the marketplace of images. That Bangkok Buddy calls this simple transaction “evil”, or sees all sorts of malevolence and implausible threats by extension, is a reflection of a worldview whose poverty is only matched by his utter lack of material means and the imagination required to produce them. How one can leap from an offer for an image to imagined “harm” is baffling. In addition, it draws attention to a weakened and paranoid (somewhat reptilian) psychiatric condition brought about by hours of unnatural sleep patterns and extended exposure to video games.

Additionally, Bangkok Buddy contends that an image of Professor Ng would “humiliate” him. Really? And what about all of the images of the unfortunate women he has photographed displaying their bodies to him, the Asian-American farang, while he drools and fumbles with a large camera that he does not know how to properly operate? What would Bangkok Buddy say about the humiliation suffered by women in Bangkok who attempted to make an offering at the Murati shrine, while blissfully ignorant of the fact that a farang lecher was snapping photographs of their buttocks and bare feet?

Secondly, what is inherently “humiliating” about having a beer at a girly bar? The Big Baby Kenny writes about this subject with more energy than he devotes to his long-winded and infrequently consulted economics papers, and relishes his enjoyment of these places with all the avidity of a dedicated hobbyist. Indeed, he has sought to profit from them himself. He has used his nightlife blog as a way to launch attacks against all and sundry, and to infringe upon copyright protections, to defame both Bangkok Buddy and Saphan Loy and a long list of others, while peddling cheap electronic devices, and advocating on how to negotiate prices with hookers.

Bangkok Buddy’s profound lack of perspective is a direct result of having spent so many years in the hermetic environment in which certain realities are morally defensible (i.e., the casual hopping from bar stool to bar stool in the red-light district), while others, for him, are not. Clearly, Saphan Loy’s offer to him or to his readers of a few US dollars for digital “proof” of Professor Ng’s presence in Bangkok punctured his little moral universe in which larger questions are conveniently absent, and a “happy memory” was had by all. Except, of course, the woman with her legs wrapped around a pole, or forced to orally satisfy an obese and foul-smelling Westerner.

We will reiterate our offer to our readers here: For those interested in exchanging photographs of Big Baby Kenny Ng enjoying his squalid holiday in the brothels of Asia for US dollars via PayPal or Western Union, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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9 Responses to “A Touch of Evil: The Bangkok Buddy’s Impoverished Worldview”

  1. Heck, I’ll toss an extra $200 into the same pot, just to help make it more worthwhile…

  2. I went looking for Ng last week. I missed him in Tilac by 1 night. He knows I am looking for him, and he knows he has some explaining to do. He also knows that he’ll need a change of underwear when I finally get hold of him.

    I am happy to contribute financially to any K Ng projects you have going. 🙂

    • Great. Let’s clarify the terms so far. Let’s assume a US $200.00 fund buy-in, with three participants thus far: Big Mango Bar, Daffy Duck, and Saphan Loy. That gives us $600.00 USD or about 18,000 THB. Since we are in effect establishing a market price, we have a bit of latitude. We will share one-time exclusive distribution rights while the photographer retains all applicable copyrights and rights to reproduction. It is an excellent opportunity for an entrepreneurial photographer to make his or her work known to a wider audience. The payment is dependent upon quality and execution, the number of photos, etc., and conforms to expectations of professional journalistic photography (i.e., no cell phone pictures and the like.) The photos must be clear and verifiable. We (collectively as publishers) have the right of first refusal. Saphan Loy is preparing a follow-up to this post regarding photography in the red light districts, so we will reiterate this offer. I will consult the legal lingo on TMZ, a website known for publishing the celebrity work of paparazzi.

      • Oh, and also, Jimmy Smithers is a dead-beat. He just texted me and told me not to count him in…I am sending him a discount voucher to go see Hangover II this weekend, which he will then review. Apparently, he has been combing Craigslist looking for a ladyboy to accompany him. He’s got his work cut out for him.

      • Just to clarify. The $200 is from Graham Jones (oilfield roustabout apparently) Not the Big Mango Bar. Having attacked the bar, and ex-business, friends and gone after me personally – this IS personal.

  3. RealDaffyDuck Says:

    Let’s make it an even 20,000 Baht – and the Disgraced CSUN Economics Professor should be excluded from being able to claim the price (albeit submissions from Prufrock or BangkokBuddy will be gladly accepted, I think).

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