Bye Bi Kenny Ng: The End of the Affair Redux

On the advice of our attorneys and my able team of medical professionals, we are now terminating our continued monitoring and coverage of the Big Baby Kenny Ng website. The stress of repeated violations of copyright protections coupled with the homophobic, racist and pedophilic conversations that Professor Ng continues to publish, has raised our blood pressure to unacceptable numbers. My personal physician, Doctor Alprazolam, has informed me that the added stress of monitoring the fecal matter that passes through the Professor Ng’s colon by way of his blasphemous, criminal and pedophilic blog site, expends far too greatly the energy that my body requires to ensure that its aging hardware operates in a healthy way.

Furthermore, our team of lawyers diligently preparing a lawsuit against the State of California, Professor Ng’s employer, is shouldering that part of the labour, and I no longer need to worry about the outcome. Indeed, we have engaged a financial advisor to determine proper asset allocations to ensure that the anticipated monetary damages sustain us for the long-term, while affording ample opportunities to make use of the accruing interest to pursue our hobbies: notably fly fishing, cross-country skiing, ecotravel, and the acquisition of small businesses and real estate holdings, including adult DVD production companies.

We of course wish Professor Ng all the luck in the world, as he will likely soon need it.  As Saphan Loy’s popularity and influence increases in the Thai red light blogosphere, it is becoming clear that the Big Baby Kenny Ng and his small coterie of self-authored aliases, or sock puppets, added to his stable of international criminals and assorted perverts, pedophiles, and pederasts, have become like irksome mosquitoes buzzing about the ears of the large pachyderm of blogging success that is Saphan Loy: a powerful symbol of resistance to Ng’s childish charade of a website, an unceasing committment to the truth, and the sharp intelligence of a Pulitzer-worthy investigative journalist.

In addition, it is painfully obvious that in the current politically-charged atmosphere in Thailand, Professor Ng’s assertions represent the most dangerous kind of writing on the Internet about Thailand. Politically reckless, disrespectful of all institutions of the country which so graciously allows sex tourists of his low status to use the nation and her people as a personal sex toilet, and blatantly offensive to common decency and the expected mores of behaviour that one hopes for in a public school teacher.

We would like to remind our readers that there are photographs of Professor Big Baby Kenny Ng entering the country. And they are taken at points of entry and departure and cached diligently in Thailand’s immigration control database. Paparazzi is not necessary: Thai authorities already know him by sight. It is our hope that he smiled and said “cheese” for the ever-vigilant Thai immigration officials, whose professionalism, patience and kindness often exceed the international standards that are usually met at the barest minimum in most places in the world.

Now if you’ll excuse me. The saga of the Hollow Men Operation and other equally important stories about the red light districts of Asia await our attention.

Big Baby Kenny Chow Ng: For A Different Take on HO 2, Click on Big Baby Kenny Chow

The View from Above


One Response to “Bye Bi Kenny Ng: The End of the Affair Redux”

  1. Bill Dokwood Says:

    What kool-aid have you been drinking?

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