Live Sex Shows on Patpong: The View from Above

A menu of options await the Patpong visitor.

After giving much thought lately to the fabled “pussy shows” of Patpong, the notorious sex district in Bangkok, and wondering exactly how they originated in the history of the Thai red-light districts, we’ve devised a simple, non-scientific poll for our readers to help come to some conclusions about this mystery.

While women use certain techniques to develop their vaginal muscles, specifically the Pubococcygeus muscle (try saying that word after a few Bia Chang) in what is typically called a Kegel toning exercise, it is strange that a demand was somehow created for the various stunts listed on the helpful menu above. Any of these acts would make a great title for a Dean Barrett book. How about “Pussy Blowing Candle” by Dean Barrett? Now that’s a book we would spend $2.75 to read on a Kindle.

The View from Above

Where every vote counts….Vote early. Vote often.


3 Responses to “Live Sex Shows on Patpong: The View from Above”

  1. Jim Webb Says:

    How sad that you have failed in life and can only attempt to bring others down. How very sad you are.

  2. Strike that. In fact, a better title for a Dean Barrett comic book would be “Pussy Fishes In” (available soon on Kindle and wherever fine fiction is purveyed).

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