Stickmum Bangkok

In a recent column a few weeks back that featured “the lovely Jeab”, Stickman’s quote of the week came from his own mother, whom he had apparently brought to Tilac on Soi Cowboy for an evening of fun. There, in the squalor of a third-world strip bar, she asked him if he ever “bar fines” the young women who danced for their pleasure. At first, Saphan Loy was going to let this pass, thinking that his admission was maybe a joke or meant to illustrate how “progressive” his mother is. But as we ruminated on the subject (and ruminate is often the operative word here), it became clearer that this was an inherently sad admission for the Stick to make. What’s more, it calls into question the very faculty of reason that is often the first to go after long-term exposure to the red-light districts of Thailand.

Saphan Loy finds it extremely taxing to simply shepherd his own mother to Sunday mass from time to time. It is therefore beyond my abilities to imagine a scenario whereby I would take her to anything that even resembles a bar, let alone a Bangkok bar. A bingo hall, maybe. But even that’s a stretch.

An elderly woman enjoys the nightlife.

What is most sad about the apparent admission is that it indicates that perhaps his mother would like to have a meaningful relationship with the Stick, but his years of brothel reportage have impeded that relationship or degraded it to a point whereby they are unable to talk about anything other than Thai brothels. So, in the end, desperate to maintain a relationship with her son, she joins him on one of his outings to his favourite watering hole. But in the course of conversation, the Stickman felt pressured and aggravated by his mother’s questioning of his sex life. If he doesn’t bar fine these girls, what exactly is he doing in the red-light districts? There is a certain saying about a mother’s intuition, which is often spooky in its perception.

While Saphan Loy has heard of men bringing their wives to the red-light districts, and let’s face it, women can be just as curious as men in this area, we have never heard of anyone bringing their own mother to Soi Cowboy. This week’s poll, therefore, is centered around this question: Would you ever consider bringing your own mother to Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza?

The poll is designed to determine who among you would be willing to bring your mother (of course if she is still among the living) into a brothel/bar in Bangkok. Please don’t be shy: we are all adults here.


The View from Above


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