“Sticks” and Stones

This week, Stickman took aim at nearly every writer on the Thailand brothel-scene who does not plaster his site with antiquated banner ads or molly coddle sex tourists in Thailand, calling these writers, bloggers, and various forum lurkers “weirdos”, “shit-stirrers”, etc. With all of the self-righteousness of a Catholic school boy, Stickman’s attacks left Saphan Loy wondering whether he is the right man for the job of pitching to his motley collection of readers places like Demonia, Devil’s Den, Lolita’s, Ladyboy Escorts, Big Mango Bar and others. Were we an advertiser on his site, we would be somewhat concerned: someone with a foot fetish is “on another wavelength”? What does that mean? There are those of us (like Jimmy Smithers and Big Baby Kenny Ng) who adore ladyboys and have foot fetishes. I know for one that Jimmy Smithers was so profoundly offended by the Stickman’s rambling tirade that he nearly incapacitated himself with an overdose of Wild Turkey and Pepto-Bismol.

Meanwhile, when not feigning astonishment about other people’s sexual predilections (foot fetishes, ladyboys, etc.), his bleeding heart reaction to some German drifter really takes the cake. I mean, really. Freud would have a field-day with the utter irony represented by his entire website. It is clear that Michael, the German drifter, who clearly suffers from schizophrenia, was sucked into the vortex of the very kinds of places advertised on the Stick-site, then suffered the consequences of a lost mind and an empty bank account. The only way the German embassy will intervene, incidentally, is if Michael dies on the street, or is murdered, or asks for help himself. Surely, the consular officers have better things to do with their time than read the Stick site. How can you even be sure he is German? He may even be a spy whose cover is a homeless sex addict with a mental illness.

So is the Stick biting the proverbial hands that feed him? Were I an owner of Demonia and had an event like the foot fetish event (that looks quite intriguing) mocked as being perverted or, as he puts it, “on another wavelength”, or were I an owner of Big Mango Bar and had my place called the “coldest bar” in Bangkok, Saphan Loy would seek other advertising venues that were kinder and gentler.

In targeting other writers on the Thailand scene, the Stick makes it clear that anyone who diverges from the pat and glib “gosh golly” tone that he effects when dealing with a very serious subject matter (i.e., sex tourism and transnational promotion of prostitution) is thus labeled a “weirdo” or a “shit-stirrer.” It goes to show that in New Zealand, political correctness of a different sort rules the roost and the freedom of expression is but a vaporous mirage of western European and North American ideals that enshrine the right to free speech. Furthermore, we now know the following about Stickman:

  • He doesn’t bar fine.
  • He doesn’t like ladyboys.
  • He does not have a foot fetish.
  • He prefers to take his mother to Soi Cowboy.

Just who is Stickman Bangkok? And why doesn’t he start a blog about another topic, one which he is more qualified to write about? Like the homeless situation in Bangkok, or the dangers of freedom of expression on the Internet, or teaching English in a language mill, or just how perverted foot fetishes are? Better yet, how about a little blog about rugby. See how many banner ads he can sell for that project, thus avoiding the “nasty” characters that comprise his readers.

Jimmy Smithers, Big Baby Kenny Ng, and Dean Barrett love bare feet.

Because Saphan Loy was embarrassed for the Stick by his latest blunder of a column, we are listing (gratis) the Big Mango Bar (which is not the coldest bar in Bangkok) and Demonia in our Views You Can Use section. The ladies of Demonia may thank me with a solid ass-whipping and the privilege of licking their bare toes.

The View from Above

5 Responses to ““Sticks” and Stones”

  1. Ding Dong Says:

    You are a curmudgeonly old bugger, Saphan Loy, but I have to agree with your analysis. Stickman earns his living by promoting the Thai sex industry but would have his credulous readers believe that he’s pinching his nose in disgust at the very thought of “partaking”.

    In keeping with the erudite tone of this website, a few wise words come to mind. Pecunia non olet (money does not stink).

  2. Relax! ~ The Mango being the ‘coldest in Bangkok’ was not to be taken too seriously! It was a bit of fun. When testing out the new aircon units the other week, we put them on ‘max’ and it blasted out some really cold air, resulting in the staff having to put on sweaters and jackets after having a good moan. Even the customers commented that it was a bit bloody cold in there!

    No harm done!

    • It looks like he revised his description of Big Mango for this week’s column. Much better this week. We would like to think we had a hand in it….but that is just our enomrous ego talking. By the way, if it gets too cold again, have the staff members (the attractive ones) remove their sweaters and jackets on threat of being made redundant……so that their pencil-eraser brown nipples will be standing at attention.

  3. BarRaider Says:

    He doesn’t read any of the other blogs either! What a crock of shit.

    I’ve read stories on other websites (this one included) and then seen bits and pieces used as seeds for material on his website.

  4. Look, guys, Stick has his schtick, it’s his job, and he does it rather well (if he weren’t, would you be talking about him right now?).

    I don’t always agree with everything he writes, but for the most part, his columns are entertaining, and contain a healthy amount of relevant information.

    Regardless, his writings should be taken as opinion/editorials, more op-ed, than anything else. He writes what he believes, and there’s nothing wrong with it – he never presents himself as any sort of gospel.

    I find his column, particularly last week’s about calling out the nasty element of Thailand’s forum demographics, a refreshing read, and more of a guilty pleasure.

    Honestly, what does it matter if he doesn’t like ladyboys (I don’t either) or thinks foot fetishists are weird (so do I) or that he doesn’t indulge (no comment, about me) – his site has a certain format, and he still is the most popular site for his type of writing.

    I say, leave him be – then again, there *is* woefully little to write about, now that Prof. Kenneth Ng has been effectively muzzled after the promotion of his former girlfriend (now, nemesis) to department head at CSUN, and Kenny’s site effectively whimpering away into oblivion because he’s afraid to do or say much.

    Then again, I do think that Stick’s subject last week of the foaming at the mouth demographics of Thai forum websites should provide you with plenty of ammo for further commentaries 😉

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