The Big Baby Kenny Ng Loses His Chips

Abandoned blog alert: It looks like Big Baby Kenny Ng has finally lost his short stack. His unmonitored blog now spools into oblivion, overridden by spam and nothingness. We believe it is safe to say that the big man is down for the count. Plagued by employment problems, he has ignored his blog hopefully in order to write something academic, or to keep the heat off the back of his neck: It could not have come at a sooner time. Nobody returns to old digital property on the Internet. It languishes like one of those old brothels at the turn of the century, once full of laughter (at him) and reckless mirth, now filled with cobwebs.

One could say that he squandered his fifteen minutes of “fame” or infamy, whichever one prefers. But the real question remains, how would you, in fact, have spent that fifteen minutes? For one, he should have hired a writing coach, or made liberal use of the writing lab on campus to help him with his tortured, often incorrect prose. Two, he might have hired a personality coach, to help him when he compulsively felt the need to cut and paste content from other sites, or at the very least, to help him meet an actual woman and potential marriage partner. Or three, he could have consulted his psychiatric care provider. Yeah, the one with a Singha beer in her hand and the blue contact lenses and the sun-dark farmer’s tan.

Well, we all predicted it, didn’t we? It seems that when there are few left holding any cards of value whatsoever, the odds greatly improve. In our opinion, the Big Baby’s downfall occurred when he started the useless charade of allowing the Galt airtime on his blog. That was the kiss of death. What is unfortunate, of course, is that he will now have to concede his defeat, unless he has an ace up his sleeve, which we doubt he is capable of producing. The drama of it all was fun while it lasted. Even the paranoia of Prufrock had its moments. But alas, you know what they say about all good things.


The View from Above


2 Responses to “The Big Baby Kenny Ng Loses His Chips”

  1. RealDaffyDuck Says:

    Said so well, so very well!

    With permission, I’ll repost and link over at

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