Requiem for the Fat Man

Not with a bang but a whimper. — T.S. Eliot

The Big Baby Kenny Ng has been knocked off the airwaves, and we are hopeful that the cause was his own guilty conscience.  He should find solace in the fact that he joins a long list of personalities who for a brief moment illuminated the world with their insights into the brothel districts of Thailand by lighting a candle rather than curse the darkness:

  • Bernard Trink
  • Dean Barrett
  • Werewolf
  • Baron Bonk

Murati Shrine, Courtesy of


Sadly for the students and taxpayers of Califronia, as well as the citizens of the Kingdom of Thailand, the BBK disaster has returned to the airwaves. It is likely that the Fat Man tripped over the webserver power cord, or spilled some beer all over a particularly important piece of system hardware, or hit the wrong key on his keyboard with his Mongoloidal ham-fists. Saphan Loy will endeavor to keep you informed should anything even more egregious result from that depraved part of the United States.

The View from Above


5 Responses to “Requiem for the Fat Man”

  1. RealDaffyDuck Says:

    Awesome synchronicity – my first draft for Kenny’s demise has the TS Elliot quote you picked as the title.

    I think Kenny was given a very realistic choice by his CSUN overlords… “take the site down, once and for all, or the new guy gets tenure”.

    Kenny, showing the utmost backbone, took the site down.

    Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho

  2. Garth Adeleman Says:

    It seems he’s back and continuing his enabling of the Not Stick folks.

  3. Except, they are essentially talking to themselves – or rather to a Kenny avatar pretending to be Keith.

    This is no different to what Kenny was doing previously to keep Prufrock posting (and posting… and posting)… Granted, mostly Prufrock did most of the work, by seeing a Daffy under every rock and behind every sockpuppet post, while I wasn’t doing anything on Kenny’s site for months on end .(really, it was infinitely entertaining, albeit most of the entertainment was at Prufie’s expense, and engineered by Kenny – I guess Prufie’s finally caught on, to the point where I to actually post something antagonizing, he’d probably ignore it. Finally.)

    So, yeah, this is nothing new for Kenny – posting under alias’ to goad the gullible into posting – except most of those gullible are socks as well, in this case, with Kenny’s avatars pretending his site has any life left.

    Weird. Psychotically weird.

  4. … and, he’s gone again…. the yo-yo continues.

    • Indeed he is gone. The landing page looks ominous. It allows you to bid on the domain name I don’t think it is a placeholder for a “new and improved” whatever….Dare we say it? It looks like he’s down for the count.

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