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Make a Sexy Time!

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Make a Sexy Time!

Two young women cavort in a Thai karaoke parlour with Professor Ng.

It is clear that Big BabyKenny Ng does not know how to configure a database, or understand its relationship to his website. He is down again, and, although it is about 10 am in California now, he is probaby just sitting down in his tattered terry-cloth bathrobe to his glass of red wine and a copy of the LA Times. He should probably rouse himself with a cold shower and get to his keyboard to undo the damage that he has done to his abomination of a website. (snicker snicker)

The View from Above

Resurrection of the Fat Man: Big Baby Kenny Ng

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He has been resurrected. Thankfully, all of our favourite images are still there as well. His extraordinarily perceptive photographic skills, his keen eye for the salient details of the Thailand “dating scene” as he calls it, and his highly detailed and piercing ethnographic descriptions of the brothel districts of Thailand, have all been restored to their former glory.

Professor Sexpatriate clearly has a compulsive need to continue his sorry puppet show. Saphan Loy will keep you abreast of the situation, as always.

The View from Above