Make a Sexy Time!

Make a Sexy Time!

Two young women cavort in a Thai karaoke parlour with Professor Ng.

It is clear that Big BabyKenny Ng does not know how to configure a database, or understand its relationship to his website. He is down again, and, although it is about 10 am in California now, he is probaby just sitting down in his tattered terry-cloth bathrobe to his glass of red wine and a copy of the LA Times. He should probably rouse himself with a cold shower and get to his keyboard to undo the damage that he has done to his abomination of a website. (snicker snicker)

The View from Above


2 Responses to “Make a Sexy Time!”

  1. snicker, snicker, chortle, chortle…

    I found the only way to motivate the Professor of Porn, is to unequivocally predict with certainty that his site is down for good.

    For some odd reason, it motivates him to revive the beast, even if just for a few days.

    Heck, even the sockies have abandoned him, and are desperately seeking squatters rights on the BigDummy site.

  2. Rhetorical Question Says:

    Would this be the karaoke bar in rural Esarn where Professor Kenneth Ng engaged underaged Thai girls for entertainment services?

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