Big Dummy Kenny v. the Royal Thai Government

Loyal readers who were seeking their daily dose of Big Baby Kenny Ng-directed fun were greeted with a sternly paternal message from the government of the Kingdom of Thailand. For those of you who cannot read Thai, my lovely assistant Lek provided us with an excellent translation, while massaging the lower back and buttocks. It basically says that in coordination with the hosting company, the government has blocked accesss to the site as a result of “inappropriate” content. What that inappropriate content might have been is really anyone’s guess. Saphan Loy believes that the more egregious “inappropriate content” may be found over at, and it will likely be dealt with by the authority vested in the State of California, or at the US federal level soon enough.

Strangely, Big Baby Kenny Ng then posted an article celebrating the government-mandated take-down, only to remove that post quickly, likely out of cowardly fear of retaliation or some similar kind of reprisal. It would seem that Professor Sexpants has a vested interest in celebrating the censorship of the Big Dummy Kenny, and why he does not do so at this rather opportune time is a mystery. But Saphan Loy has long since given up speculating about the workings of the Ng-brain. It is disturbed, feeble, and morally repugnant. As ever, Saphan Loy will keep you abreast of events as they develop.

The View from Above


3 Responses to “Big Dummy Kenny v. the Royal Thai Government”

  1. We are working hard to restore regular service, but are finding it difficult to keep from laughing so much…


  2. … and we are back… and Kenny looks like a fool, again!

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