The Big Top Disappears and other news

Goose Barnacles adhere to a washed up bucket of some sort, in the same way that Ng’s now deleted puppet comments formed accretions of madness and debauchery upon the simple-minded posts that he spent hours crafting.

Here, from the Saphan Loy, we are delighted by the cosmetic improvements over at Professor Ng’s Economics of the Thai Brothel District site.  In one fell swoop, his entire puppet show has been deleted, revealing instead the skeletal Potempkin village of his pointless posts upon which the barnacles of inane gibberish generated by his puppet factory (the voices inside his diseased skull) clung like the poisonous crustaceans that they were. We are delighted to see his site stripped of its obscenity. Perhaps this will free up Ng’s time so as to allow him to stand in front of a classroom again, or adequately prepare for his dry lectures, maybe console some confused female students during office hours, or do what a ranking professor ought to do: namely, write an academic article.

In other news, Teacher Tim the Clown has ended his run over on Stickman Bangkok. Perhaps the Clown in Chief at the TEFL International certificate mill rued his decision. Or maybe he will enlist some newly graduated backpacker cum ESL teacher and have her write some pithy think-pieces on the vagaries of living in the Land of Smile. It is very possible that the PR disaster that TEFL International created is far from reversible at this point. Whatever the case, Saphan Loy is hopeful that Teacher Tim will continue to make his presence felt on YouTube. In fact, our childish fear of clowns aside, we at Saphan Loy (Lek and myself) are happy to make room on this blog should he wish to continue blogging.

Here, Professor Ng advises two students during office hours. They are depicted here helping one another read one of Ng’s required readings.

The View from Above


One Response to “The Big Top Disappears and other news”

  1. Exceedingly delightful – BKK’s own Lenny Bruce. Anything that puts us old farts in our place and keeps us from developing the all-too-familiar “Old Hand Superiority Complex” can’t be all bad. Reminiscent of the Weirwolf – in a grammatical sort of way. I shall reprint in my next issue.


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