Big Baby Kenny Ng: New and Improved Website!

Saphan Loy is disheartened  to learn that the Big Fat Baby Kenny Ng has reappeared on the world wide web, much to the discredit of the university system of California, its tax payers and supporters, and the hardworking and earnest undergraduates who deserve far better in their matriculation. For those of you who haven’t seen the new and improved Big Baby Kenny site with shocking new features, click here to witness the dismal and depressing spectacle.

On another note, perhaps the reappearance of his tawdry site may lead to an overall improvement in its writing, or the continued showcase of his award-winning photographs of impoverished bar girls. We would also like to remind you that the Big Fat Baby is about to embark on his summer sojourn to the land of sex milk and honey. Should an eagle-eyed observer spot the buffoon staggering  from bar to bar in Nana, on Cowboy, or in Patpong, Saphan Loy and others are prepared to dispense not an insignificant amount of the coin of the realm for a candid photo shot of the celebrity blogger where he is most at home:  in a third-world brothel.

The View from Above


2 Responses to “Big Baby Kenny Ng: New and Improved Website!”

  1. BigBlackGulliver Says:

    Once again my offer is for 25,000 Baht for a picture with him and a working girl together. Happy hunting!

  2. Top form, SaphanLoy, Top Form!

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