California State University at Northridge and the Limits of Freedom of Speech

The media attention around CSUN’s most notorious professor of economics has largely faded over the years, but Professor Kenneth Ng has continued his malevolent work on his personal website, formerly dedicated to his enthusiasm for prostitution in Thailand. Recently, his imagined nemesis, The Big Mango Bar in Bangkok, has announced it will close its doors. It, like all bars in the red light districts of Thailand, was here today, gone tomorrow.  

Perhaps now the vitriol that Professor Ng directed at his enemies (either real or imagined) may possibly be better converted to a return to academic productivity, although this is unlikely given the depths of depravity that Ng continues to exhibit.

Instead, Professor Ng continues to use his blog as a way to test his employer’s (the taxpayer-supported state university system of California) tolerance for free speech. Those bounds are routinely tested by his decision to post comments that are pedophilic, racist, and often very violent. Generally, Professor Ng writes the “comments” himself (his site includes thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of such comments). Or, he relinquishes moderation control entirely and lets his co-author Kent Hammond come up with these gems himself. Hammond and Ng then assign these comments to their imagined enemies in what could only be described as a complete dereliction of online civility. One wonders what his colleagues think of this technique? Do they fear that they too will one day find themselves on the losing end of Ng’s irrational libel campaign? Is this why his superiors never forced him to take this site off the Internet?

Below we have taken the opportunity to share with you exactly what is happening on the good professor’s blog, and wonder how a university student (or faculty member) could feel comfortable in his classroom, or in his presence generally. His is a corrupt and disfigured mind, and the biggest casualty in his bizarre crusade is the academic community at CSUN.

The following “comments” may be found at Accessed on March 8, 2013.

In this comment Ng condones extreme pedophilia:

Here, Ng advocates the use of weapons in the killing of a perceived enemy:


Ng fictionally ascribes this comment to another “perceived” enemy. It is notable for its extreme racism that Ng seems to feel is within the bounds of free speech.


Here, Ng writes about violent homosexual rape, betraying his homophobia and his intolerance of sexual difference.


The real tragedy of Ng’s abortion of a website is that the environment that he creates in his warped and twisted little universe has an unfortunate effect on his classroom.

Were I a parent in California, and my daughter or homosexual black child were required to take his course, I would feel as though the state university system owed us, at the very minimum, a place free from this kind of instructor, his poisonous bigotry, and his lascivious “hobbies”.

The View from Above


4 Responses to “California State University at Northridge and the Limits of Freedom of Speech”

  1. RealDaffyDuck Says:

    Good points – which also leads us to wonder, given Ng’s “creative writing” tendencies, what was the nature of the sexual harassment lawsuit against him, brought by a student in one of his classes.

    It probably comes as no surprise that the gist of this sexual harassment lawsuit was centered around Associate Professor Kenneth Ng composing creative erotic stories featuring a former student (who then sued him over it).

    Apparently his MO hasn’t changed over the years.

  2. RealDaffyDuck Says:

    In 2001, a civil lawsuit was filed against him by a then 22-year-old Pasadena City College student, who said Ng mischaracterized her on a website by using photographs of her, then writing erotic fictional tales about her.

    The case was later settled, but Ng said the case was an example of extortion against him.

  3. First of all, the Mango is not closing, it’s just going to change a little as we’re looking at utilizing the other floors in the building. There are 5 floors – only 2 are currently used.

    Secondly, the ‘Grahams’ posting on Kennys site are not me. He uses my name and others to try and generate interest.

    Speaking with many people in the bar – no one has heard of his site or him. He is insignificant.

    I will be taking a step back from the Mango – as I intend to spend more time relaxing away from Bangkok. It’s no secret that I have got myself a steady girlfriend and plan to spend time with her.

    It’s also a good reason to distance myself from some of the lowlifes of Bangkok – namely Kenny and his loser mates who are struggling to survive here.

    To this day – I encourage these cowards to come and speak with me and justify their comments.. but oh no, they’re too chicken shit.

  4. Ngii Ngaow Says:

    I enjoy this blog – such a refreshing change from the flotsam and jetsam on offer elsewhere. Please keep up the good work.

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