Bangkok Buddy Bugs Out

Bangkok Buddy, Supreme Leader of the Lounge Lizards, aka Jerry Bingsell Chin, has disappeared from the internet. In one fell swoop, his entire site is missing, and even his archives are inaccessible. For those of us following his monotonous life, it’s useful to recall that at one point, the Lounge Lizard was preparing a “bug out bag” for some event or escape he had been meticulously planning. This was basically a survival kit that he had been adding to over time. Has the Bangkok Buddy escaped into the jungles of Thailand? Was he deported? Has he run out of money and returned to his native San Francisco? In a recent post on Pattaya Pal, whom many consider to be the same person as Bangkok Buddy, the author hints at personal troubles, then informs the reader that he is leaving the country (it seems that this is a rather sudden and undesired departure.)

Has Bangkok Buddy Bugged Out?

Has Bangkok Buddy Bugged Out?

If anyone has information on this strange turn of events, feel free to share. Lek and I are somewhat desperate for our daily dose of shit, shower, and shave.

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4 Responses to “Bangkok Buddy Bugs Out”

  1. Ngii Ngaow Says:

    Rest assured, Bangkok Buddy is alive and well, as is his blog. Apparently, Google has imposed new restrictions on those who use their blogging format, with the implication that fans of his blog now need to receive invites to participate.

    I’ve asked for and received an invite, however, I am still not able to access the blog (may I borrow Lek for her IT expertise?). I’m at my wits’ end without my daily dose of details of romps to Foodland, hanging out at the ranch, and free buffets. 😦

    • Thanks for the update. It’s a wonder anyone uses the Blogspot platform, which is crude, clunky, and largely useless. Insisting that a blogger “invite” readers is beyond clueless. Suggestion to Google: scrap the whole thing and start over. It will be difficult to match WordPress with a retooled Blogspot anyway.

  2. mr. Sonn Says:

    He and pattayapal is not same person, pattayapal is written by a Canadian named William. I saw Bangkokbuddy begging for loose change by HuaiKwang MRT Station. He also smelled like he urinated in his pants!

  3. Ngii Ngaow Says:

    You’ll be pleased to hear that Bangkok Buddy is once again available to the general public. Just in time to catch his gripping account of the visit made by the air conditioning repairman!

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