Bangkok Buddy Update

Bangkok Buddy has returned to the airwaves. Apparently, he decided to privatize his blog, the result of which was that his “fans” or “friends” had to send an email to request access. Since this process didn’t work out as planned (his friends claimed they were unable to access the private blog, probably because of poor computer skills), his traffic dropped precipitously. No wonder. At any rate, the Scrounge Lizard is trying it again. Mosey on over for your dose of the shits, showers, and shaves. He has recently written that if he continues to receive grief or abuse from strangers, he will go back to private, with a scattering of “fans” and friends and dwindling hit counts. Our advice to him: get over it. You should feel somewhat honored that people actually care enough to toss around a few harmless comments.

The View from Above


10 Responses to “Bangkok Buddy Update”

  1. Wow!

    I just took my first (and last) look at BB.

    What an asshole. I HATE people that chase balloons. The fact that the cheap bastard wrote about eating 3 bowls of free food was enough to convince me that he is a complete wanker.

    • Why should this be surprising? Both Bangkok Buddy Jerry Chin and Big Baby Kenny Ng are Chinese Americans. Even in Thailand, the Chinese are known as the “Jews of the East.” You need no better evidence of their penny-pinching ways than to look at their websites. Bangkok Buddy is concerned with living at the poverty line and, to avoid expenditures, simply sleeping for long periods of time, while Ng is looking at the best way to “bang cheaper and better” — in other words, to stiff whores. They are both quite “proud” of their ability to live in or visit Thailand while leaving as little cash there as possible. The irony is that the whole vice scene in Thailand was set up specifically for the Chinese laborers who flooded the country at the turn of the 20th century. As they descended en mass upon the capital and other larger cities of the country, equipped only with a rice cooker and a bed roll, they worked long hours for a pittance of a salary as coolies. However, rather than contribute directly to the Thai economy by spending their discretionary income in country, they remitted much of their earnings back to mainland China. To curb this practice, the Thai Crown allowed for the establishment and legalization of the vice trade within the Chinese districts, e.g., prostitution, opium smoking, and gambling, so that the Chinese would send less cash currency to China, thus shrewdly capitalizing on the Chinese man’s greatest weaknesses: sex, drugs, and gambling. Again, one would only have to look at Ng’s website to see two of these in play: his addiction to cheap whores and his addiction to gambling.

  2. sex drugs and gambling are a Chink thing ?

    • In Thailand’s case, and much of Southeast Asia, the vice trades were set up to entertain the Chinese coolies, yes. In fact, narcotics processing and distribution, and the export of opium produced in SE Asia, has been historically a Chinese-controlled enterprise as well. Prostitution in all major urban areas in the East and West have Chinese influence. Have a gander at who controls the casinos in Macau, Poipet (Big Baby Kenny Ng’s favorite Cambodian casino), Singapore and the Philippines.

  3. Well I guess … a micro managed level perhaps . But when one considers Colonialism and the “unequal treaty” period then the wars ,British and American finance in the region followed by Vegas conglomerates like Sands and MGM in gambling , ………You may hand your hard earned to a celestial but It’s Sir Oliver Warbucks account that is eventually credited.

    • I would grant that that’s the case only if people like Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson (American casino “magnates”), hardly two stiff-upper lip types who were of the manor born, have to kiss the ring of some old-guard financiers in London or New York from time to time. One only has to study someone like Stanley Ho to understand Chinese power when it comes to the vice rackets in Southeast Asia. I would argue that if you lay your money down on green felt anywhere in the East it will end up in Hong Kong. American and British financial power is on the wane, and the Asians know it.

  4. Ngii Ngaow Says:

    I’m afraid that our Bangkok Buddy may not be around much longer. He has ruffled the feathers of another “lounge lizard” by posting his photo and threatening to make phone calls to his family. Sounds like a shootout at the O.K. Corral is in the cards for this Friday (or, more likely, a sulking and staring contest between two middle aged men at Thermae)

  5. Yes, Bangkok Buddy has imploded. Not a single “lounge lizard” supported him in his dispute with Chris Madeira. He has also ruffled the feathers of other lounge lizards because of this dispute. His main support, “The Bay Area Boyz,” a cadre of Chinese-Americans dudes from San Francisco, have all unfriended him. They just couldn’t tolerate this delusional loser anymore. His only support now are a handful of old farangs who are ready to kick the bucket. According to Jerry himself, his private blog is now down to only 20 followers, if you can call them that. You will no longer see him at the Thermae. I’m guessing that social outcast will join the Pattaya Flying Club in the near future when his money runs out as he has no family or friends who will support him.

    • We love you Says:

      Have some compassion for the guy. How can you EVER justify cutting someone else down and suggesting that they suicide?

      How bitter is your own life?

      No wonder he calls this the neurotic peanut gallery!

      Shame… Shame … Shame

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