Bangkok Buddy Down for the Count?

Well, it looks like that gentle, penny-pinching recluse of Bangkok has decided to put away the keyboard, vowing to post exclusively for the handful of remaining friends who have been invited to follow his (un) adventures. Shortly before quarantining his blog from the general public, Bangkok Buddy reported that he was being harassed, stalked, and threatened by his former “friend” Chris Madeira. He even posted a photograph of him and claimed he was addicted to drugs, among other things. One thing is for certain: in the Land of Vertical Smiles it pays to be wary of the company you keep in some of the most notorious red light districts in the world. That said, we wish Bangkok Buddy well and raise a lukewarm Singha to his “happy memories” in greener pastures. Or even nastier dive bars. He will be missed.


The View from Above


12 Responses to “Bangkok Buddy Down for the Count?”

  1. We love you Says:

    I will miss the:

    – baby steps
    – toilet runs and description of bowel movements
    – shit shave shower routine
    – Fox News intellectual debates
    – happy memories

    He was always keeping it real and maintained a frugal existence in the land of smiles.

    Anyone have any further intel about him? What about this Chris Madeira?

    • We love you Says:

      Is Chris really on drugs?

      How much does Bangkok buddy have in the bank?

      Does he ever sleep with whores?

      Who is really Jerry Chin?

      What a truly fascinating character… Who has intel?

      • Chris hangs out at the Thermae all the time. Meet him yourself. I doubt he is on drugs. Doesn’t even drink alcohol.

      • According to Bangkok Buddy’s post, Chris Madeira is addicted to meth or yaa-baa, and is likely bisexual as he was rubbing his Buddy’s thigh at the Thermae the other night. That was according to his last post before he made his blog private again. I suppose you could say what happens at the Thermae stays at the Thermae.

      • What we know about Bangkok Buddy’s sex life: he once considered purchasing a sex doll. Whether he went through with it, who knows? Secondly, after Chris Madeira made a pass at Jerry at the Thermae, it made me wonder. Is the Thermae a gay bar at certain times of the night? If so, it becomes clearer, that perhaps Jerry’s conflict with Madeira came about as part of a lover’s quarrel. Of course, these are questions that only Jerry can answer, and sadly, he disappeared.

  2. We love you Says:

    I think Jerry is a very interesting fellow and love to read his daily rituals.

  3. Where is the gossip folks?

    Please share all details your know about Jerry Chin! Mr Bangkok Buddy…


  4. Jerry is a simple yet extremely attractive man. We often have drinks (plus more) together at Thermae and dine out at the free buffets.


  5. Chris Madeira Says:

    Screw you Bangkok Buddy!

    Anyone know where I can buy some Yaba in On Nut?

    I’m sick of dealing with all those African fellows in Nana, need a dealer closer to home.

    • Bangcockism Says:

      Posting on Sept 2 at 12.07 is not from Madeira rather an impostor – nobody uses real names in trashy blogs.

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