Bangkok Buddy Returns….Sort of.

Bangkok Buddy, who disappeared from the Thailand brothel blogging world after accusing his yaa baa-addicted friend Chris Madeira of rubbing his groin at Bangkok’s notorious Thermae after-hours freelancer club, has returned!

Well, sort of.

While his new incarnation is called a “Photo a Day from somewhere in Bangkok”, he has used this space to post old photographs of very young Asian women and, in a bizarre turn, little children. Meanwhile, his thoughts, feelings, and daily musings remain private for a select handful of likely dwindling friends.

Alas, Saphan Loy is not one to judge, and Lek believes that the pictures, especially of the women who are at least child-bearing age, are possibly meant to persuade his former readers that he may have been (back in the 1980s and 1990s) a devout heterosexual. Whatever the case, it’s clear that Bangkok Buddy is reevaluating his life by way of these oddly selected photos of young Asian women and children, and that the whole lover’s quarrel with Madeira really has upset his emotional equilibrium. We wish him a speedy return to sanity!

The View from Above


7 Responses to “Bangkok Buddy Returns….Sort of.”

  1. Why won’t you leave him alone?

    Bangkok Buddy is comfortable with being a gay conservative, there is nothing wrong with a mutual male back rub from time to time. It’s also free!

    Happy memories。。。

  2. We love you BB Says:

    We know he is gay in his older years…

    But what about any other gossip about Bangkok Buddy?

    Anyone want to share more in the comments? 🙂

  3. I never thought of him as gay. He’s just impotent. He’d rather eat and get fat, thus causing his ED. Too cheap to do anything about it.

  4. Peanut Gallery Says:

    Does Bangkok Buddy play World of Warcraft?

  5. I think things may have become worse than you’ve described. My guess is that the link to the “private club” for “lounge lizards only” is only there to give the impression that there is still a devout following privy to BB’s daily “3S’s” and buffet forays.

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