“Bay Area Boyz” in Bangkok: Chinese Americans and their Various Perversions

Working on a very good story about a group of Americans from, surprise, California who are all Asian Americans and who like to assault Caucasian bar owners in Bangkok with their vindictive and bizarre accusations. They are all from San Francisco (why is the Thermae gay scene so surprising, given this context?) We are working on the details. Lek is intrigued when I tell her that Asian men from  San Francisco are most likely of the kathoey variety…she says “leave them alone.” Stay posted.


8 Responses to ““Bay Area Boyz” in Bangkok: Chinese Americans and their Various Perversions”

  1. I anxiously await this story.

  2. I am waiting for this post, sounds very intriguing! Wish you would post more often.

  3. RealDaffyDuck Says:

    Sounds intriguing. 😉

    Naming names and taking numbers, I hope.

  4. Rueben Ribeiro Says:

    Before you trash talk and take pot shots like a “Dastard Sniper” its wise to know your victims and be better informed about their sexuality etc. The Bay Area Boys are anything but homosexual – perhaps Lek serviced most of them before getting on your limp dick. You seem to constantly mention the Homophobia that circumvents Thermae Bar – have you not come out of the closet yet? Thermae Bar is a coffee-shop – Bar that attracts a large Japanese following where freelance Thai girls work without obligation to the establishment. The Bay Area boys have the means to bring you into the legal arena and sue the arse of you or close down your trashy blog. You wouldn’t want to run into the young Madeira boy anytime soon either.

  5. Errol Flynn Says:

    I patiently await any further news about the Bay Area Boyz. But I guess it’s too hot of a topic for you to handle. Or maybe you’re afraid they’ll hunt you down and destroy you? Guess they’ll be no more news about the “Boyz”.

  6. I am truly sorry i have not found this site sooner. Brilliant.Thanks.

  7. you seem to crave incitement and controversy! good luck with that

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