“Bay Area Boys” and the Life of Gay Frivolity of the Chinese Expats

As promised, and after careful research about the American West Coast “boys” who are all Asian and have decided to grace Thailand with their munificent presence, here goes. Although to be fair, Lek is pulling on my pant leg insisting that I don’t go through with it.

After questioning multiple sources and discovering the true modus operandi of a small group of Asian Americans of Chinese origins who have menaced Caucasian bar owners and others in Bangkok, it reveals yet another bizarre chapter in the ways in which expatriates in Thailand, surrounded by the plenitudes that Thailand has to offer, insist on going after each other like catty schoolgirls. Perhaps this is the direct result of the effects that the promiscuous expense of semen has on the brain? It also reveals the lengths to which a small cadre of Chinese miscreants will go to pursue those who simply want to enjoy the pleasures of the Orient and who prefer to keep to themselves.

That said, the cast of characters is as stated above, Chinese. Now, Saphan Loy has written extensively about the role the Chinese play in Thailand, and have historically played in the vice rackets. But this small cadre of characters, described in detail by Jerry Bingsell Ching (the former Bangkok Buddy), used to “hang” together, play together, “ogle” together, and stiff bar owners together by pigging out on “all you can eat buffets.”  We know that this was a pattern that was well-established, and that Jerry described in great and yawn-inducing detail.

Steven Frank?

One momentous day, one of Jerry’s bisexual friends, Chris Madeira, made a pass at him by rubbing his thigh at the Thermae. Jerry used his little blog to accuse Chris of all sorts of things, including stalking him, being addicted to ya baa, and being mentally unstable. That, in turn, brought out another one of the members of the cadre, “John Brown” who Big Baby Kenny outed as Steve Frank of Hawaii and Phuket. Frank’s modus operandi was to deluge various blogs with invective hurled at Kenny’s arch nemesis, the Big Mango. Then, a funny thing happened. Big Baby Kenny actually outed Frank within the comments section of his now defunct blog.

While Saphan Loy usually does not care a whit about things of this nature and is unlikely to report out on this issue any further, the following threat from one of the Chinese San Francisco triad prompted me to get more “hands on” in this unpleasantness. The sad part of all of this is that it once again shows how foreigners in Thailand are like groups of bitter old women who try to take each other down over the most meaningless of issues. Here is the comment in question:

Before you trash talk and take pot shots like a “Dastard Sniper” its wise to know your victims and be better informed about their sexuality etc. The Bay Area Boys are anything but homosexual – perhaps Lek serviced most of them before getting on your limp dick. You seem to constantly mention the Homophobia that circumvents Thermae Bar – have you not come out of the closet yet? Thermae Bar is a coffee-shop – Bar that attracts a large Japanese following where freelance Thai girls work without obligation to the establishment. The Bay Area boys have the means to bring you into the legal arena and sue the arse of you or close down your trashy blog. You wouldn’t want to run into the young Madeira boy anytime soon either.

In this comment, which discloses both a legal threat and a threat of violence, Dr. Phil seems fixated on accusations of homosexuality, the nature of the clientele at the Thermae, and whether or not I have a “limp dick.” I am of the impression that only a homosexual would be likely to make inquiries as to the nature of my genitals, and, well, Lek agrees with this, given her familiarity with the Asian kathoeys that are found throughout the kingdom. Bless her heart.

Addressing his legal concerns, I would invite him to first direct all further legal inquiries to the “Bay Area House Boy” who exposed Chris Madeira in the first place: Jerry “Bangkok Buddy” Ching. I would also direct him to the other source of the leaked identity of one of the San Francisco blue boys, Steve Frank: BigBabyKenny.com.

Speaking of the Big Blathering Baby, I recently dug up a putative photograph of his relatives. I share it here because it shows a very nice, if gravely disappointed Chinese couple.

Proud parents.

Proud parents.

To Dr. Phil, and the rest of the San Francisco triad, you can put that in your opium pipes and smoke it!

The View from Above

6 Responses to ““Bay Area Boys” and the Life of Gay Frivolity of the Chinese Expats”

  1. Rueben Ribeiro Says:

    Dear oh dear ! Just read this dribble – if your so fixated on Homo Boys look near further than the man in the mirror. Research, what research – trying to pull the wool over the eyes of your selected coterie? There are a squillion who know the Bay Area Boys really well will dismiss this as puerile thrash from a deranged frustrated Farang nothing better to do with his time. Where do you conjure up these spurious stories? in your Viagra fuelled milieu? Is Lek tired of waiting for Lazarus to resurrect itself – better get a man on the job tell her the Bay Area boys will be in town soon en masse . Maybe, maybe by then you will man up show your face at Thermae instead of hiding behind a keyboard. Look forward too seeing you soon.

  2. retiredinthailand Says:

    whow! this blog is even more boring than ‘LIfe of a lounge liizard’. i wonder what this blog is all about. life of saphan Loy must be more boring than Life of a lounge lizard, except here, there is this poor isaan girl named Lek.

    • Rueben Ribeiro Says:

      Yeah! I agree this “fuckwit” got some serious issues with Bay Area Boys, a lot time and misguided notions- his comfort lady seems to have more between the ears – he will rue the day he did not listen to her to let it go – whilst he doesnt know the BAB – he will soon find out what he is taking on. Stickman, BB & Co let his niggle slide in the past as he was insignificant in the scheme of things not worth pissing on . but, he wants to know what it is to take on the Pearls of the Orient he’s going to find out very soon.

      • Dear China Boy(s),

        First, you are embarrassing yourself in front of the entire World Wide Web, although I suspect that this is not difficult to do in your case. Secondly, I have zero interest in meeting you or any of your other over-the-hill Chinamen who insist on calling yourselves “boys” for apparently creepy reasons, especially in a dump like the Thermae, which I avoid like the plague. There are several reasons for this. First, I am not a “close to the bone” expat in need of five dollar whores and an “anything goes” bisexual atmosphere. I am a man of considerable means and take my pleasures elsewhere in the City of Angels.

        In addition, the only people of Chinese descent that I have any interest in meeting whatsoever are nubile Chinese women, and by nubile, I mean as flexible as a Chinese acrobat who can bend her legs over her head while spinning fifteen plates in the air simultaneously. Chinese women tend to be very good at a few things. These include: laundry, happy ending body massages, and, well, not much else. Oh, and unlike my lovely Lek (whom you seem to be fixated on), Chinese women also sometimes make excellent comfort women. Just ask the Imperial Japanese Army.

        Finally, if you and your cadre of Viagra eaters continue to threaten me on this blog, I will be all too happy to introduce the BAB to the BIB, given the fact that nearly 50% of Lek’s blood relatives are on the force. Restrict all of your further commentary to graceful and humble apologies to both Lek and yours truly.

        Chok dii, comrade.

  3. It’s worth mentioning that Steven Frank, one of the B.A Bandits is responsible for a lot of this.

    Sending abusive mails and posting comments whilst hiding behind the name John Brown. When we told him some of his ‘friends’ gave up his identity after a little talking to, he was quite quick to respond that people who he rarely hangs out with (as he lives in Phuket) are not friends.

    Sounds like some internal issues there.

    Whatever happened to BB?

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