Saphan Loy to Purchase Stickman Bangkok

After several tense rounds of negotiations with the Stickman over several rounds of bia sot (the Stick mostly drank Coca Colas and fiddled with his expensive camera) at an unnamed bar in Patpong, the Stick and I have come to a monumental agreement that will change the equation in reportage on the brothel districts of Thailand. Upon the Stick’s retirement, Saphan Loy will take over the Stickman Bangkok site and will be responsible for the Stickman Weekly segment as well as advertisement transactions that are a cornerstone of the site. Financial terms will not be disclosed, but both parties agree that the deal makes sense financially and from an editorial perspective.

“It’s been a good run, but I’m sure Saphan Loy and Lek will be able to carry on the tradition for me. While the Bangkok nightlife scene is decaying, I feel my services would be more welcome in Phnom Penh,” the Stickman commented as he hinted at the possibility of a Stickman Cambodia site in the works.

As the Stick looks toward greener passages, Saphan Loy looks forward to taking the helm at the vaunted Stickman Bangkok franchise. Yes, the Go-go scene is hitting rock bottom, yes, the lookers are few and far between while the dregs continue to unconvincingly lure “handsome man” to shady and corrupt nightclubs, but Lek and I feel that our reviews of bars, “naughty” places, watering holes, bdsm and blowjob clubs, and the sex practices of sex tourists will be a welcome respite to the horribly slanted and jaded Stickman Weekly, which, in reflection of the general decline of the scene in general, has declined in readership appreciably.

Saphan Loy will continue the Girl of the Week Feature

Saphan Loy will continue the Girl of the Week Feature

Our first priority will be to revive the sagging number of hits that Stickman Weekly generates. It is way off its all-time high achieved at the time of the John Galt debacle. Unlike the content of the site now, we will also be introducing a video segment that will share erotic clips of readers with their lovely Thai rental ladies. We believe that this feature alone will double the currently dwindling readership.

In addition to our new roles, which Lek and I are preparing for with great excitement, we will be converting the Stickman site into a subscription-based service with added features for Gold Plan and Platinum Plan members. Details forthcoming. In addition, we plan to rehire Teacher Tim the Clown at double the salary his English language school paid him for his witty observations. Negotiations are also in process with a guest columnist whose name will surprise and delight red light readers everywhere.

Lek and I wish to assure longtime Stickman fans that the Stickman brand will continue to flourish, even as the nightlife itself becomes more and more moribund and depressing. After all, Saphan Loy thrives in these conditions, and moreso when the cards are stacked against him.


The View from Above


8 Responses to “Saphan Loy to Purchase Stickman Bangkok”

  1. Stu Box Says:

    Ya big April fool!

  2. So, I’m coming back at 6 AM after my nightly 3 hour walk around Bangkok (Gilligan and the Skipper normally finish their tour faster than that) when I run into a ladyboy on the way home. She assures me that she has a big cock. I asked, “Bigger than mine?” She said, “I think so.” I asked, “Really?!” She said, “You can check.”

    Then I had to educate her about my policy. I explained, “The problem is that my policy is to never go with anyone who has a bigger cock than mine.” She challenged me, “But it’s YOUR policy.” I answered, “Yes, but even I am not above the policy.”

    Obviously, 99.9% of the time this policy is not a problem for me. But, there is some small percentage of the time, and I have to take her at her word, so it’s really out of my hands. I’d like to help, but there really wasn’t much I could do about it.

    You see, I’m not one of these guys who applies one set of rules to everyone else but different set of rules to himself. No way I’m going down that road.

    • Cornholeeo Says:

      It’s just better that you do it before breakfast

    • I took a quick poll of Lek and Tuy here at Saphan Loy headquarters just now, and emailed a few colleagues about the wisdom of provoking Thai ladyboys this way at 6 am. And it’s unanimous. None of us here have any standards whatsoever.

      Now, if all of this is some veiled comment directed at Graham’s recent post on having high standards, then I have some advice for you. It’s not too late to ask him if he wants to see your penis. He hasn’t left Thailand yet, as far as I can tell.

      • hehe… yes, still here, and shall be for a few more years yet.

        I’ll still keep a house in Thailand so that I have somewhere to stay every 3-4 months when I return to feed my cat.

  3. Bay Area Boys Says:

    Since Big Baby Kenneth Ng’s Blog of Hate is no longer being attended, will you write more about places to pick up under aged girls?

    • You mean more than Professor Ng has? The answer is no. Although we at Saphan Loy are still distraught over the fact that we could never find the famed image he posted of the GPS coordinates pointing to the very thing you are looking for (at a brothel in some backwater in Isaan) on his blog. It has successfully evaporated from the Internet with nary a trace. If you find a copy, here’s two pence for your troubles. And run along and buy yourself a bottle of 100 Pipers.

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