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Here is a new feature for those of you who are interested in the whole concept of “Search Engine Optimization.” Here, Saphan Loy shares some of the unique search engine terms that readers are using to find our humble abode here in the red light blogosphere. Because Saphan Loy is a kind of SEO laboratory of sorts, these periodic segments will only be of interest the assorted techno-geeks and ne’er-do-wells who troll the Internet, or for those of you struggling to grasp the vagaries of search engine metrics. This week’s interesting search term results that helped readers find Saphan Loy include the following, in no particular order:

1966 vietnam
dissecting a frog
how much a ladyboys service
saigon serviceman
secret story madrid
bangkok brothels
shanghai ladyboy
shanghai ladyboys
china ladyboys
mistress pattaya
ladyboy shanghai
bisexual Thailand
escort ads in pattaya
Eden club Thailand 2011
homeless graffiti
hollow men history
the clown
big baby kenny
review of tefl international
ladyboy and bisexual
ladyboy bisex party brothel
circus clowns
mousetrap genital circus after this it hurts just to beat off*
tim torkildson roll top desk
stickmanbangkok try a ladyboy
history of the ladyboy

As of May 6, 2011:

French cheesecake
American models with hairy armpits
Chinese advertisements
Bangkok beat bar
frog head dissection
ladyboy bisex party brothel
man woman plus ladyboy
circus and teaching
brothel ownership definition
the Hollow Men activities
first brothel

New search terms, as of May 18:

Bangkok at night
Asian ladyboys big ass
frog dissection actual images
graffiti room wall
Laos ladyboy network
Thai ladyboys Shanghai
Kenny Ng
Shanghai ladyboy May 2011
bisexual in Shanghai
Lek Pattaya girlfriend
ladyboy story
Mistress Ladyboy Bangkok
computer lonely
Chinese bisexuals sex
Galt Sunbelt Asia
big ladyboys
reasons to buy a brothel
young independent Bangkok bareback whores
ladyboy industry
experience with ladyboys in Phuket
ladyboys etiquette
ladyboy experience
Tim Torkildson
notorious ladyboy
ladyboy sex tourism
vintage ads with Chinese women
bareback ladyboy

As of June 12
thailand red light district blogurl: blog
eloggre ladyboy thai video
ladyboy massage
frog anatomy
brothel bisex
are thai bar girls follow religion
chinatowns getto
chris coles
what is the meaning of brothel ownership
ass hall massage
ladyboy sex experience in bangkok
ladyboy clown
tim torkildson fraud
tefl international scam
william r morledge
kinds of demons
guess which are ladyboys and which are not
paris hilton redlight

As of June 29:

magic show of vagina in thailand
vagina show in patpong
Saigon 1972
Smithers deep massage
ladyboy department store
medieval art hell coppo di marcovaldo
pussy stunt show in bangkok
any ladyboy experience in viet nam
eden club bangkok reviews
trick or patpong vagina
bar brothels for sale in asia
ladyboy since
pussy show thailand
homeless stickman
barabck ladyboys phuket
bi sexual girl escort bbk
ping pong ball popping pussy
pussy writes a letter
“southwestern companions”
thai eternity and jeab
stickman making connections science
kimmy asian ladyboy
ladyboy television

As of Sept 11:

arcade peep show
the blue angel 1930
fishes in pussy
war movies and documentaries.helicopters vietnam
disneyland thailand
vintage erotic
red light night film by paris hilton
courbet return from the meeting
clips wamen playing ping pong balls into their pussy
bangkok disneyland
peepshow machine
china circus elites
nana visitor pussy
paris hilton in bangkok
sukhumvit psycho password
bigbabykenny sex blog
kickstarting “her motorbike”
mundane bangkok
internet perversity
buddys brothel
stickman bangkok ladyboys
blowjob app
bangkok buddy
circus in thailand?with clowns
artist depiction of hell
old woman sitting at bar
“kenny ng”+law
nightlife for the elderly
medieval demons
elderly woman masturbating
digital thai hand job

As of Oct 1:

real middle ages circus joker
peep show machine
write using vagina
chinese alleys
chinese ghetto
clowns and characters
vintage advertisement asian beer
penny arcade machine
paris red light
bangkok disneyland
documentary about ladyboy sex in bangkok
antique penny arcade mach8ine
war movies and documentaries.helicopters vietnam
kenny ng
big baby kenny blog
ladyboys chin
peep show arcades
plug shape phuket
vintage peep show penny machine
bbk graffitti
thai paris hilton
teazers pattaya mamasan
vintage peep show
medieval depiction of demons
dusty the clown
tim torkildson
elderly woman masturbating
oil massage kanchanaburi stickman
digital thai hand job
saigon officers club
blue angel 1930
prostitutes, patpong
big mango bar girls
how to buying a legal brothel
operation hollowmen
medieval demons
moving picture peep show machine
ying ladyboy soi 8 pattaya
vaginas shooting ping pong balls..what is record distance?
live birds pingpong balls goldfish
toad labled
pussy menu in thailand
poll into pussy
eden club crossdress bangkok
“insert goldfish” +vagina
vintage car erotic
tefl international reviews 2011 thailand
vagina bear circus magician girl thailand
uh 1 d helicopter
women squirting fluid
sex bondage for ladyboy
big abandoned room
pussy magic razor blade
medieval brothel
thai in paris
bar noir bangkok
ladyboys corner
appalled scarecrow
write using a vagina
pussy write
notorious ladyboy
perversity on the internet
illness of big kenny
colin hastings in charity boxing match
uh1 helicopter wallpapers


Search Term(s) of the Month of September:

would inserting a percocet vaginally work as well as inserting one anally

This list will be updated on a regular basis. We thank you for your continued patronage and support.

*This bizarre search term was entered by someone with an obvious mental illness, or one of Big Baby Kenny Ng’s readers. But unbelievably, the search engine directed the user to the Saphan Loy.

The (Optimized) View from Above

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