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Jimmy Smithers Steps Out

Posted in สะพานลอย with tags , , , , , on May 20, 2011 by สะพานลอย

The blogosphere of late roils with strangeness, odd rumours, and baffling inaccuracies. Meanwhile, we have been hard at work on the Hollow Men series. It is an emotional process of culling the notebooks, arranging the material, and sifting through records of my conversations with “Mike.” Saphan Loy thanks all who have written to express an interest in Mike’s account and condolences for his sad passing.

In other news, we are happy to report that Jimmy Smithers is coming up to speed nicely as a writer. We have asked him to kindly post on his own space from here on out, as he will likely receive quite a bit of input (no pun intended) from Bangkok’s ladyboy loving community. He has become quite popular as of late, and he has big plans for the telling of his colourful adventures. Let’s hope we can encourage him to scale back his hours at the tyre center and make more liberal use of his company’s leave policy in order to undertake more frequent trips to Thailand of longer duration. He informs me that because his human resources department considers him mentally impaired, he has been extended greater latitude by the company, so long as he documents the appropriate permissions from his team of capable doctors.

That said, there appeared some ugliness recently over at Professor Ng’s site by one of our detractors. In response to his comment, which suggests the work of someone who suffers from mild retardation, and assuming it is either the misguided opinion of either Professor Ng or Werewolf, we have updated our piece on Chris Coles with an addendum to more fully articulate our criticisms. We also still maintain that the mundane Bangkok’s header image is, in fact, a thinly veiled homoerotic picture of three young men casually relieving each other while viewing gay bondage films.

So, without further ado for now….Saphan Loy is pleased once more to introduce you to Jimmy Smithers.