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Resurrection of the Fat Man: Big Baby Kenny Ng

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He has been resurrected. Thankfully, all of our favourite images are still there as well. His extraordinarily perceptive photographic skills, his keen eye for the salient details of the Thailand “dating scene” as he calls it, and his highly detailed and piercing ethnographic descriptions of the brothel districts of Thailand, have all been restored to their former glory.

Professor Sexpatriate clearly has a compulsive need to continue his sorry puppet show. Saphan Loy will keep you abreast of the situation, as always.

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Pussy Magic Flower: Roaches, Ladyboys, and the GFE on Khaosan

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For those of you following everyone’s favourite economics professor, this may come as a shock. His alternative blog, formerly has been removed for a Terms of Service violation. Now, truth be known, it was clear that this particular blog wasn’t really our cherished Professor Ng’s work. Professor Sexpants probably got a sore ass from having his identity replicated by someone with a clear agenda, one that included calling attention to his actual and degrading writings of yesteryear. For Ng to complain to the folks at WordPress because someone stole his identity is a real riot, given the fact that he has engaged in that strategy on his site for a very long time. Whatever the truth, what goes around…you know the rest.

Like clockwork, the Stick has presented his annual homage to the ladyboys. They were due for their plugging, and plug them he did. And good for them. Their nasty stories were compelling evidence that the great majority of sex tourists in Bangkok have likely encountered a ladyboy, and have, in turn, been penetrated. This is not a surprise. Saphan Loy would venture a guess that ladyboys now account for the majority of sex workers in the bars. If you don’t believe it, then your own form of self-delusion is more potent than a tall bottle of Chang beer.

A plague of cockroaches! That’s exactly what the Stick encountered on his way to interview a few snaggle-toothed escorts for his latest and greatest. He reported that shortly after his cheaply constructed condominium was nearly demolished by a rainfall, the Stick went out into a sea of dirty water to bring us a feeble interview with Isan’s poster-girls of bad dentition. Like Indiana Jones, he became covered in cockroaches while standing in floodwaters in the red light district. Ho hum. Were the Stickman more resourceful, he might have handed over the roaches to the insect vendors for a tidy little profit. Ultimately, though, I think that the rainfall, the roaches, the shitty flood water, and the mediocre interview with the call girls have all the hallmarks of a bad Biblical prophecy. Had it happened to Saphan Loy, we would have taken it as a sign from God that our work in the impoverished red light districts of Thailand should come to a merciful end, and that we should make a full confession to our parish priest, or the abbot of the local temple, and issue an apology to our readers.

Over at the Big Mango Bar blog, this recent post nearly forced our analytical skills into overdrive. Was it legitimate? Was it written by a woman, or, worse, Professor Sexpat Ng? Was someone trying to take the piss, as our British friends like to say? Clearly, the writer suffers from a subcranial deficiency of some kind. One of the most repellent paragraphs from the whole train wreck of a story is the following:

We take a taxi to Khaosan Road — we start cuddling in the taxi and she steers my hand down to her pussy so I can finger her (covered by her purse) — I consider if I should take her to a bathroom when we arrive at Khaosan Road and fuck her, as I’m pretty turned on, but wasn’t sure how she’d like that, so I hold myself back and instead we get a roti with banana and chocolate sauce and a beer at a bar.

What in Christ’s name was this man thinking? Checking her oil in the taxi, then going for a roti on Khaosan Road? How romantic. And how completely unhygienic. Saphan Loy would only travel to Khaosan for one of two reasons: sudden and irreversible poverty, or a desire to bone a sweaty European backpacker chick with hairy legs and armpits (just to change things up a bit). But hell, if I wanted to discharge some protozoans into a pasty, idealistic young hippy chick with hairy legs, I would simply enroll in an economics course over at California State University at Northridge.

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Big Bisexual Kenny Outs Garden Variety, Half-Baked California Motorist

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How utterly embarrassing. Were Saphan Loy a university professor making such an egregious mistake, we would stick our head in the sand until the next tenure review and hope for the best. For those who are completely ignorant of who John Galt is, let Saphan Loy enlighten you. John Galt is a literary reference to a character in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged whose dubious brand of “objectivism” clearly still appeals to Californians who are under the influence of medical marijuana. That Big Bisexual Kenny did not know this before now is a sure sign of an intellect the consistency of cookie crumbs.

These bumper stickers have appeared on countless faded sedans and ganja-reeking jalopies driven by crispy critters and fruitcakes of all shapes and sizes, bearded or otherwise, across the left-leaning states of the Republic. Unfortunately, this poor old hippie now has BBK to thank for having his or her license plate number zapped across the Internet for all and sundry to see.  Aren’t there federal laws against this? Scratching head…..

Saphan Loy plans to make sizeable donations to the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, California, in the professor’s name. We encourage you to do the same.

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Shanghai’ed: Big Bisexual Kenny Plugs the Ladyboys

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BBK has joined Stickman in exhibiting his clearly bisexual preference for Thailand’s notorious ladyboys. Interrupting a long sabbatical, BBK has returned to his dubious blog in order to share with us some of his culturally sensitive and academic photography: a young ladyboy dancing provocatively on the top of some kind of vehicle. A closer inspection of the young ladyboy shows that his feet are a dead give-away. They are large and malformed (with a crude little ink stain on the ankle for a tattoo). It is also clear that there are some obvious kathoeys who are enthusiastically watching and recording this heartbreaking display of poverty.

The good professor has no qualms about supporting two industries here: the ladyboy industry that sends feminine young men to the chop shops in Bangkok every day, and amateurish and possibly impromptu sex work in the fields of some agrarian ghost town. That the professor is Asian (and able to pass as a local) clearly afforded him a place at the front of the crowd, while he snapped some poorly floodlit pictures for our enjoyment. Ahh…Spring Break, Southeast Asian style.

Alcohol and sex enhancement drugs clearly affect perception. This is a common motif among the nightlife blogs lately. Not only are the authors attempting to fob off ladyboys as actual women, but they are also clearly deluded and seduced by their ubiquity in Thailand. Could it be that the entire nightlife blogosphere has now been penetrated by ladyboys? Given BBK’s homophobic rhetoric and extremist sympathies, this is an unusual move for the good professor.

Not content to exploit Thailand’s working poor, the economics professor also takes the opportunity to attack China in a bizarre fashion. His flimsy regurgitation of an uninteresting article is an enfeebled attempt to point out differences in sexual mores among Asian cultures. It is as if to say: My academic photographs of Asian whores are reflective of all populations in Asia, including the Chinese. Hell, they are all whores.

At any rate, weary reader, you have been warned. With the bisexual conversion of the Stickman to the beguiling charms of ladyboys, and now the bisexual truth about BBK, is there a writer among us immune to their persuasian? The Asian persuasian?

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The Big Baby Kenny Unhinged: The Economics of Mental Illness

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Not since Emil Jannings appeared as Immanuel Rath, a professor completely corrupted and humiliated in the “The Blue Angel” (1930) has a man been reduced to such disgraceful levels of indignity. Big Baby Kenny Ng, once an enthusiastic scribbler of his night-time adventures in the far-flung bordellos of the world with Asian women less fortunate than himself, and boring reviews of Thai restaurants in the United States, has been reduced to an only marginally sane loose cannon, converting his Thai nightlife blog into something that mirrors his deranged fantasies and has become a bully pulpit that reveals instead the depths of depravity that the red light districts of Southeast Asia helped to create.

from The Blue Angel (1930)

Foregoing the actual writing of content, the economics professor has instead written long indecipherable screeds against Stickmanbangkok (who represents the pinnacle —  or nadir, if you will — of success in the whole sordid niche market of brothel writing), self-authored commentary that reveals the identities of his enemies (whether real or imagined), all the while denigrating homosexuals, prostitutes, and women generally in the multiple voices of a fictional cast of characters. Reading the literally dozens of self-authored commentary is like reading the transcript of someone who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, sexual obsession, and terrifying delusions. Ignorant of new federal laws that protect against digital harrassment and impersonation, Ng focuses his enmity on other writers and bloggers by disclosing personal details, Facebook account information and actual photographs of his putative enemies. Topics include the 9-11 conspiracy, anal sex, sexual relations with university students, and anti-Semitic colloquialisms.

What is clear from this mess is that the California State University system allows such great latitude for its professors. Freedom of expression is certainly protected within the US Constitution. But the kind of degeneracy posted on is without any veneer of narrative or academic structure, cohesion, and comprehensibility. It is accompanied by exploitative photographs of women who have not signed model releases in the United States, and whose images reveal instead reluctant victims, dancing for the depraved desires of a lonely sex tourist starved for affection.