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California University Sex Professor Apprehended in Mexico

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Another university professor from that liberal land of group love-think and morally blind tolerance of all deviant lifestyle choices has been apprehended in Mexico after finding himself on the FBI’s most wanted list. Professor Walter Lee Williams, according to the FBI, would routinely travel the world (he had a soft spot for Southeast Asia) in order to engage in sex acts with children.

Until 2011, the article states, Professor Williams was tenured faculty in “gender studies”, anthropology, and history at the University of Southern California. His modus operandi was to travel to places like the Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia presumably to study the gender of pre-adolescent boys with a rather unorthodox “hands-on” approach involving his engorged penis, then photograph the results. His indictment came as a result of having flown to the Philippines after meeting some boys online, engaging in webcam sex with them, then flying to that fair island nation to further “study” them in sex “experiments.”

Longtime readers will know that Saphan Loy has groused about perversion in higher education before. In fact it has been one of our abiding concerns. When I shared this story with Lek, she said something to the effect that “this would never happen in Thailand!” Whether this is true or not, we cannot know for sure. But one thing is certain about interactions among professors and their students in the Land of Vertical Smiles: there is generally a strange sexual dynamic underlying all classroom activity. With the respect the professor demands in this country, and the naturally docile subservience of the students in saucy uniforms, one cannot deny the sexual tensions that exist between them. And the dynamic changes dramatically if the professor is visiting from a western country: Thais are eager to engage them and learn from their beneficent experience, while in the United States, professors garner about as much respect as over-educated taxi drivers or hotdog clerks at the 7-11.

Thai university students.

Thai university students.

If you don’t believe that sexual tension exists in the hothouse classrooms of Thailand, just pay a casual visit to the “classroom” at BarBar in Patpong, where lazy girly Thai students await you in thoroughly convincing schoolgirl outfits along with actual writing desks and a chalkboard. Mosey on over, indeed. And whatever you do, do not demonstrate Keynesian principals of economics on the chalkboard. The girls will likely fall asleep, and the mamasan will caustically berate you in the ugly dialect of Isaan.

Anyway, we should all be glad that another lone male traveler to Asia has had his sinister little sex experiments with foreign children halted by US federal authorities. It is comforting that they are vigilant against such crimes, and that they have directed their gaze more intently on authority figures who routinely abuse their status for personal sexual gratification.

In Other News….Big Mango Bar Blog to Soon Shutter

Soon another luminary of the Thai redlight blogs, the Big Mango Bar Blog, will close as the ownership of the bar of the same name transitions to Thai ownership. For those of us who have followed the blog, many interesting (and borderline criminal) posts were to be found there. Some well-written, some not so. And whatever happened to Young Penfold, the Hunter S. Thompson of the Bangkok bar scene?

In a recent post, the bar owner Graham had a few parting shots for his arch-nemesis, big fat bloated baby Kenny Ng, another California university professor who dabbles in Southeast Asian pay for pussy play. Interestingly, Graham reveals that Ng, who recklessly (and mistakenly) believes that Saphan Loy is somehow connected to the Big Mango, passed along the URL to our humble beacon of free speech and tireless analysis of the Thai redlight blogosphere to the University of California at Northridge’s campus security department! Now, were Saphan Loy suspected of smoking a joint in our dorm room, or conducting a midnight panty raid at one of the sorority houses, then I suppose you would have grounds to report us to campus security. (Lek would like to know what a “panty raid” is, but I’m afraid it’s before her time).

Panty Raid!

Panty Raid!

But to report Saphan Loy to them for our literary and journalistic efforts? Is this the spirit of intellectual inquiry and free speech championed by a university professor who, ironically, defends his indefensible sex blog as an exercise in free speech? I submit that the only crime that campus security would have found on this blog is the occasional tortured syntax or a purple passage or two, and nothing more. My team of capable lawyers (stunning Thai females who are more than capable in dealing with the assorted libelous assaults and accusations of a frustrated sex tourist, and who also look great in those short skirts and high-heel shoes) will testify to that fact.

Saphan Loy's trusted team of legal advisors.

Saphan Loy’s trusted team of legal advisors.

Interestingly, Ng has now reconfigured the hosting scheme of his libel-making machine, He has separated the hosting company of the main blog (where he posts pictures of Thai whores, ladyboys and restaurant reviews) from the blog comments themselves. This is obviously an effort to lessen his legal liability when his comments include references to pedophilia, homophobia, coprophagia, racism and whatever ugly little troll-thoughts Ng is harboring on that particular day. 

We will leave you with Saphan Loy’s latest feature, the Thai Girl of the Week. This week, the hands-down winner was not difficult to find.

Thai Girl of the Week

Tommy Tone, Economist and World Traveler, Third Rate Public University, California

An ethnic Chinese, she enjoys blogging about Thai ladyboys, eating at buffets, and taking “world class” photographs of impoverished bar girls.

The Thai Girl of the Week!

The Thai Girl of the Week!

The View from Above

2012 Stumbles to an Ignominius End

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….and 2013 looks no better for the motley group of fools who continue with their dubious output of words and poorly framed photographs depicting the brothel districts of Thailand, from the disgraced professors and teachers (Big Baby Kenny Ng and Stickman), to the humdrum typists of pulp e-books which nobody purchases (Stephen Blather et. al.), to the marginally retarded (Bangkok Buddy and Kent Hammond). Normally, Saphan Loy would conduct a “blow-by-blow” analysis of the year in review, but sadly, it seems that the whole year was a washout for the barflies of Bangkok.

The holiday season in Thailand’s red light districts is a grim reminder that there are many lost souls from around the world who continue to gravitate to these places, washed up has-beens, lovelorn, hopeless, and thirsty, compelled by the biological imperatives of their unmanageable vices, motivated by the squalid reward of a short-time hotel room, a cheap sex enhancement drug, and a Thai rice farmer’s daughter or two. Or a Thai rice farmer’s son in drag who happens to possess an artificially added set of double DDs and a chemically induced uncircumcised hard-on, or a surgically altered vaginal skin-fold.

It is a time when our favourite bar girls, mamasans, and bartenders are trotted out in the cheapest of Christmas-themed lingerie and paraded around sticky barroom floors in darkened corners of cheap, third-world gin mills, enticed by a few hundred baht and the false promise of an improvement in their stations in life.

It is the time of year to drown regrets in rice whiskey, or the local non-potable lager, and to stifle the merest threat of an emerging sense of conscience, any images of domesticity that we left behind elsewhere in the developed world where we once may have had friends and family, or even the thought, “What the hell am I doing here?”

It is also the time of the year when we can imagine, although remotely and through the artifice of fiction, a character much like George Bailey, driven to despair by financial catastrophe in the timeless American classic It’s a Wonderful Life, who attempts suicide only to be shown a life without his presence in the world, followed by a dramatic, heart-warming redemption.

We can picture, for example, Professor Big Baby Kenny Ng, clinically depressed by the mistakes of his life, his failures as an economist/school teacher, his morbid obesity, his disgraceful and very public fall from grace, and his grotesque appetite for young Thai bargirls, contemplating suicide on a barstool somewhere in Saphan Khwai (yes, he has sunk this low), while drunkenly crying in his cups and muttering dark curses at his imagined enemies and the success of others. Yes, we can see him, his ego stung by the utterance of a snaggle-toothed ladyboy who has just called him a khii mao, in this Saphan Khwai hellhole, his life story spooling away from him like the sad and sordid conclusion to an old 16 mm stag film he vaguely remembers from his misspent youth witnessing the fabled Tijuana donkey show flickering on a yellowing wall in his dorm room.

And we can hope, as we watch him in this Saphan Khwai watering hole, trying to find an outlet for his laptop and arguing with the mamasan in a language he does not understand, that Ng will come to meet an angel who will put his arm around his shoulder and say, “But you have had a wonderful life, Professor Ng.” And when this dreary holiday fable comes to its conclusion in the darkened karaoke parlor, and those grim concluding words appear, “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends”, we will all sigh deeply, because, well, we know how Ng has mistreated his friends and alienated his colleagues irreparably.

My lovely assistant Lek is in tears, daubing at her almond eyes with a Kleenex, the poor thing. Ok, enough of your blubbering. Get me a drink. And put on that skimpy Father Christmas costume I purchased for you.

Similarly, we can wish at this time of year that the celebrated scribe of the red light districts, the Stickman, is visited by a Dickensian scene, the bar girl of Christmas past, who appears to him in his Bangkok high-rise bound in the chains of oppression that he has caused by stimulating a prurient interest in all things related to sex commerce. Awakened at midnight by the apparition, the Stick cowers under his mosquito net, while the bar girl of Christmas past says, “You handsome man no good man. You bad man.

Stickman is awakened at midnight by the bar girl of Christmas past.

The Stick mistakenly believes he is dreaming, and responds, “Is that Bernard Trink?”, then swallows another tranquilizer. His slumber thus returned, he is awakened soon thereafter by the bargirl of Christmas present, who shows him the horrid reality of plane-loads of elderly westerners arriving in Bangkok, all streaming into the big yellow vagina of Nana Plaza, depositing their baht along with their diseased chromosomal material, and leaving empty beer bottles and broken lives of the impoverished girls who remain behind staring hopefully at the dim glow emanating from their cellphones.

And finally, what of the bar girl of Christmas future? What tidings does she bring? Or he? And whither the red light districts in Thailand in 2013? Only the new year will tell. Lek has visited the witch doctor and received bad tidings. But I am optimistic. And rest assured gentle reader. In an ever more hostile cyber world, Saphan Loy will continue to be a “troll-free zone” and will remain a place where intelligent, adult discussion of all things Thai brothel districts is welcome, where sexpats and sex tourists can tune in for the latest deep analysis of the red light blogosphere and the bizarre bedfellows who populate it.

Therefore, may you and your bar girls or ladyboys (or donkeys) enjoy the best of the holiday season, and with hope look forward to another year of unabashed whoring and drinking and drugging all the while avoiding liver failure or cardiac arrest. And may all of your wishes at the Hindu shrines of Bangkok bring you the loves of your life, prosperity, and just enough success to continue your binges without guilt, shame, or remorse of any kind.

Happy New Year!

Yours truly, and my lovely assistant Lek.

The View from Above

A Touch of Evil: The Bangkok Buddy’s Impoverished Worldview

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In his latest entry, the Bangkok Buddy, who writes about his years of sustained exposure to the red-light districts of Bangkok, has his proverbial knickers in a knot. In part as an experiment, and as a way of goading him out of his morose and hermetic existence in which the only pleasure he experiences is presumably the result of meeting and engaging in semi-moronic conversations with like-minded whore mongers and alcoholics in depressing dive bars and brothels, Saphan Loy recently commented on his hawk-eyed observation of Big Baby Kenny Ng in Bangkok’s brothel district. Since Bangkok Buddy can spot Big Baby Kenny Ng a mile away, and since Bangkok Buddy spends all of his time (if not his cash) in the brothel district, we extended an offer to him (or his readers) of cash, in US dollars payable via PayPal or Western Union, for photographs of Big Baby Kenny Ng enjoying his sordid summer vacation.

Bangkok Buddy, who already “broke the news” of Big Baby Kenny Ng’s presence in Bangkok, recoiled at the offer like an aging, non-capitalist hippy might, exhibiting all of the child-like confusion and despair that one would expect of someone with an enfeebled sense of right and wrong. Let’s face it. He, of all the writers of the Bangkok scene, can certainly use some US dollars that may afford him many more cans of tomatoes, a few more obligatory soda waters at a “free” buffet, or whatever other provisions he needs to extend his self-imposed third world poverty by a few more months.

That said, Bangkok Buddy’s reaction to our offer was to label it “evil.” This is an interesting reaction. Celebrities around the world (and judging from his treatment of his sighting of Big Baby Kenny Ng, the professor can now comfortably include himself among their ranks as well) are the objects of fascination and reverence. They are quasi-mystical, and therefore their images command premium prices on the open market. Who doesn’t want to see a picture of Angelina Jolie picking her nose, or lolling on some overpriced beach somewhere reading a shitty novel, or assiduously ignoring Brad Pitt while fantasizing about the pool attendant? In the same way, because of Professor Ng’s status as the premiere nightlife blogger of Thailand’s red-light districts, an image of him enjoying the fruits of his labour (subsidised by the State of California) in some hell hole in Bangkok would engender both the same interest on a public level, and, at the very least, a more modest price in the marketplace of images. That Bangkok Buddy calls this simple transaction “evil”, or sees all sorts of malevolence and implausible threats by extension, is a reflection of a worldview whose poverty is only matched by his utter lack of material means and the imagination required to produce them. How one can leap from an offer for an image to imagined “harm” is baffling. In addition, it draws attention to a weakened and paranoid (somewhat reptilian) psychiatric condition brought about by hours of unnatural sleep patterns and extended exposure to video games.

Additionally, Bangkok Buddy contends that an image of Professor Ng would “humiliate” him. Really? And what about all of the images of the unfortunate women he has photographed displaying their bodies to him, the Asian-American farang, while he drools and fumbles with a large camera that he does not know how to properly operate? What would Bangkok Buddy say about the humiliation suffered by women in Bangkok who attempted to make an offering at the Murati shrine, while blissfully ignorant of the fact that a farang lecher was snapping photographs of their buttocks and bare feet?

Secondly, what is inherently “humiliating” about having a beer at a girly bar? The Big Baby Kenny writes about this subject with more energy than he devotes to his long-winded and infrequently consulted economics papers, and relishes his enjoyment of these places with all the avidity of a dedicated hobbyist. Indeed, he has sought to profit from them himself. He has used his nightlife blog as a way to launch attacks against all and sundry, and to infringe upon copyright protections, to defame both Bangkok Buddy and Saphan Loy and a long list of others, while peddling cheap electronic devices, and advocating on how to negotiate prices with hookers.

Bangkok Buddy’s profound lack of perspective is a direct result of having spent so many years in the hermetic environment in which certain realities are morally defensible (i.e., the casual hopping from bar stool to bar stool in the red-light district), while others, for him, are not. Clearly, Saphan Loy’s offer to him or to his readers of a few US dollars for digital “proof” of Professor Ng’s presence in Bangkok punctured his little moral universe in which larger questions are conveniently absent, and a “happy memory” was had by all. Except, of course, the woman with her legs wrapped around a pole, or forced to orally satisfy an obese and foul-smelling Westerner.

We will reiterate our offer to our readers here: For those interested in exchanging photographs of Big Baby Kenny Ng enjoying his squalid holiday in the brothels of Asia for US dollars via PayPal or Western Union, please feel free to get in touch with us.

The View from Above

Jimmy Smithers Steps Out

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The blogosphere of late roils with strangeness, odd rumours, and baffling inaccuracies. Meanwhile, we have been hard at work on the Hollow Men series. It is an emotional process of culling the notebooks, arranging the material, and sifting through records of my conversations with “Mike.” Saphan Loy thanks all who have written to express an interest in Mike’s account and condolences for his sad passing.

In other news, we are happy to report that Jimmy Smithers is coming up to speed nicely as a writer. We have asked him to kindly post on his own space from here on out, as he will likely receive quite a bit of input (no pun intended) from Bangkok’s ladyboy loving community. He has become quite popular as of late, and he has big plans for the telling of his colourful adventures. Let’s hope we can encourage him to scale back his hours at the tyre center and make more liberal use of his company’s leave policy in order to undertake more frequent trips to Thailand of longer duration. He informs me that because his human resources department considers him mentally impaired, he has been extended greater latitude by the company, so long as he documents the appropriate permissions from his team of capable doctors.

That said, there appeared some ugliness recently over at Professor Ng’s site by one of our detractors. In response to his comment, which suggests the work of someone who suffers from mild retardation, and assuming it is either the misguided opinion of either Professor Ng or Werewolf, we have updated our piece on Chris Coles with an addendum to more fully articulate our criticisms. We also still maintain that the mundane Bangkok’s header image is, in fact, a thinly veiled homoerotic picture of three young men casually relieving each other while viewing gay bondage films.

So, without further ado for now….Saphan Loy is pleased once more to introduce you to Jimmy Smithers.

Dean Barrett Gets Busy

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This week marks the departure from the blogosphere of the unofficial scribbler of Bangkok’s brothels, Dean Barrett. A mere 10 weeks following his celebratory interview on Stickmanbangkok (the effect of which was probably a triplication of his carnivalesque website’s traffic count), the old man is calling it quits on his monthly updates. In his most recent post, the reason, he says, is that he needs more time to “do research” on the follow-up to his potboiler “Hangman (What’s the) Point”.

Research? Is that what he calls it?

At any rate, we wish him well. Since the Stickman interview, Barrett has been belly-aching about the rising costs associated with the extra bandwidth required to host his site (as a direct result of an increase in traffic.) Let me see if Saphan Loy has this correct: Barrett, a self-published writer, is no longer going to write for a growing Internet-based readership who are attracted to his site looking for lurid accounts of Thai bondage and sex play that feature him being bull-whipped by an Asian Dominatrix, or grisly photos of dead Muslims, and, instead is going to try to continue down the moribund route of traditional publishing by conducting “research” on a book nobody will read? Could someone please alert Mr. Barrett to the fact that he is in the 21st century, and that the profit margins on an electronic version of a “book” are next to nothing? In addition, bloggers who write for free (i.e., Saphan Loy) will continue to erode the long-term market demand for the kind of drek that Barrett plans to commit to print, thus burdening some small, third-world vanity press with a frivolous and unprofitable print run. His books, and others that exhibit the same sloppy writing standards and poorly plotted train wrecks, are fated to turn up in used and remaindered book stores as depressive evidence of what can happen when a delusion of desirability (facilitated by Thai prostitutes whose nearly constant refrain of “hello, handsome man” is anything but literary) and the illusion of comprehensibility translate into some ill-conceived hokum story involving the red light districts, a lame and imbecilic detective, a gun, and a bar girl.  Let’s hope that his planned travels to Hong Kong and London produce something refreshing: like a vague possibility of a coherent and imaginative idea for once.

We will, quite obviously, miss Barrett’s inane perspective on the red light districts of Southeast Asia. Like a buffoonish scarecrow who bounces from bar to bar, blinded by the neon and imprisoned by a miserable addiction that is self-reflexively protected by a sham of a moral rationalisation, Barrett will more than likely haunt the red light districts of Bangkok, Hong Kong, and wherever else he may find an empty bar stool in some cesspool of degeneracy, like a bleak and unreflective purgatorial waiting room (only with appalling music, dim lighting, bad beer and sclerotic dancing, and no magazines), well into his dotage. It sure beats playing a round of golf, enjoying a cigar, and tracking one’s retirement account. We suppose.

"In any case, he faces a life of loneliness and despair." -- Dean Barrett


"My suggestion was to dress nicely, politely approach women who were leaving the shrine after asking the shrine’s god for relationship relief, introduce themselves, strike up a conversation and ask them to share a cup of coffee at the nearby mall." Big Baby Kenny Ng


"Nana (Plaza) is dying a slow, and frankly painful death." Stickman Bangkok

The View from Above

Bye Bi Kenny: The End of An Affair

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Saphan Loy has decided that ultimately the BBK website is over and we will no longer expend efforts in attempting to uphold anything that resembles a vigilant critique of that site. The specious content posted there is no longer “about Thailand”. The fat man has sung, so to speak. As the self-authored commentary spools out like the tail-end of a bad 16 mm pornographic film projected onto the wall in some squalid suburban basement in California, flapping wildly against the reel of the projector, so too has it become all the more clearer that that site is done.

Stick a fork in it.

While we have not posted a comment there in months, not only does the site continue to violate US copyright protections by reproducing Saphan Loy’s protected intellectual property, but its flagrant violation of other federal privacy protections, Thai domestic laws governing indecency and pornography, as well as his thinly-veiled attacks on the royalty all constitute an extraordinary break with reason and with good conscience. Plus, it is all presented in the singular voice of a cornered man, someone for whom the bounds of common public discourse no longer hold much meaning. In his desperation to prove a point to his academic community, the students and the tax-payers of California, he has revealed that he will stop at nothing, including publishing photographs of “license plates” of innocent people he suspects of “being John Galt.” If this does not sound alarm bells among the mental health professionals in California, I suppose nothing will.

Saphan Loy believes that part of the end (at least for this reader) was the result of a closer inspection of the so-called “photography” of the site. His ladyboy feature on the “Slut of Shanghai” shows one photograph (the crotch shot) where the viewer not only sees that the ladyboy is wearing some kind of support garment to conceal his testicles, but that also there is a poor Thai father holding a small child in the background witnessing the spectacle. That an American professor thinks nothing of this kind of display of rural poverty and degradation, and feels free enough to publish such unspeakable indecency, speaks volumes to the kind of person behind the BBK site.

When BBK was outed by the mainstream media one year ago in the United States, he had the wonderful opportunity to simply say “no comment”, to remove the offensive material from public consumption, and to dedicate the past year to repairing his reputation and smoothing the ruffled feathers of his colleagues. Instead, he submitted to interviews and wrote poorly-crafted “defenses” of something that is really indefensible. His ego, blinded by the glare of the media lights and the vague promise of potential Internet stardom, for such a brief moment was nourished in a way that his spotty academic record could never do (along with the wet dreams of Nobel-worthy economic theories). That he chose to do this is a sad testament to one man’s damaged capacity for reasonable, rational (self-interested) behaviour.

We wish him (and the cast of characters he created to advance his racist, sexist, and psychologically wounded rhetoric) all the luck in the world.

The View from Above

Shanghai’ed: Big Bisexual Kenny Plugs the Ladyboys

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BBK has joined Stickman in exhibiting his clearly bisexual preference for Thailand’s notorious ladyboys. Interrupting a long sabbatical, BBK has returned to his dubious blog in order to share with us some of his culturally sensitive and academic photography: a young ladyboy dancing provocatively on the top of some kind of vehicle. A closer inspection of the young ladyboy shows that his feet are a dead give-away. They are large and malformed (with a crude little ink stain on the ankle for a tattoo). It is also clear that there are some obvious kathoeys who are enthusiastically watching and recording this heartbreaking display of poverty.

The good professor has no qualms about supporting two industries here: the ladyboy industry that sends feminine young men to the chop shops in Bangkok every day, and amateurish and possibly impromptu sex work in the fields of some agrarian ghost town. That the professor is Asian (and able to pass as a local) clearly afforded him a place at the front of the crowd, while he snapped some poorly floodlit pictures for our enjoyment. Ahh…Spring Break, Southeast Asian style.

Alcohol and sex enhancement drugs clearly affect perception. This is a common motif among the nightlife blogs lately. Not only are the authors attempting to fob off ladyboys as actual women, but they are also clearly deluded and seduced by their ubiquity in Thailand. Could it be that the entire nightlife blogosphere has now been penetrated by ladyboys? Given BBK’s homophobic rhetoric and extremist sympathies, this is an unusual move for the good professor.

Not content to exploit Thailand’s working poor, the economics professor also takes the opportunity to attack China in a bizarre fashion. His flimsy regurgitation of an uninteresting article is an enfeebled attempt to point out differences in sexual mores among Asian cultures. It is as if to say: My academic photographs of Asian whores are reflective of all populations in Asia, including the Chinese. Hell, they are all whores.

At any rate, weary reader, you have been warned. With the bisexual conversion of the Stickman to the beguiling charms of ladyboys, and now the bisexual truth about BBK, is there a writer among us immune to their persuasian? The Asian persuasian?

The View from Above

The Big Baby Kenny Unhinged: The Economics of Mental Illness

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Not since Emil Jannings appeared as Immanuel Rath, a professor completely corrupted and humiliated in the “The Blue Angel” (1930) has a man been reduced to such disgraceful levels of indignity. Big Baby Kenny Ng, once an enthusiastic scribbler of his night-time adventures in the far-flung bordellos of the world with Asian women less fortunate than himself, and boring reviews of Thai restaurants in the United States, has been reduced to an only marginally sane loose cannon, converting his Thai nightlife blog into something that mirrors his deranged fantasies and has become a bully pulpit that reveals instead the depths of depravity that the red light districts of Southeast Asia helped to create.

from The Blue Angel (1930)

Foregoing the actual writing of content, the economics professor has instead written long indecipherable screeds against Stickmanbangkok (who represents the pinnacle —  or nadir, if you will — of success in the whole sordid niche market of brothel writing), self-authored commentary that reveals the identities of his enemies (whether real or imagined), all the while denigrating homosexuals, prostitutes, and women generally in the multiple voices of a fictional cast of characters. Reading the literally dozens of self-authored commentary is like reading the transcript of someone who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, sexual obsession, and terrifying delusions. Ignorant of new federal laws that protect against digital harrassment and impersonation, Ng focuses his enmity on other writers and bloggers by disclosing personal details, Facebook account information and actual photographs of his putative enemies. Topics include the 9-11 conspiracy, anal sex, sexual relations with university students, and anti-Semitic colloquialisms.

What is clear from this mess is that the California State University system allows such great latitude for its professors. Freedom of expression is certainly protected within the US Constitution. But the kind of degeneracy posted on is without any veneer of narrative or academic structure, cohesion, and comprehensibility. It is accompanied by exploitative photographs of women who have not signed model releases in the United States, and whose images reveal instead reluctant victims, dancing for the depraved desires of a lonely sex tourist starved for affection.